Thursday, June 25, 2015

Weekend Recap in Nigeria. + Free Airtime!


   Good morning bloggers, and i'm coming to you live from Nigeria. As you are all used too, the network here always seems to try to get in the way of my blogging career, but I love you guys way too much to allow it to defeat us. I was finally able to get my hands on manageable wifi, so this weekend recap is coming to you late, but as I always say when my posts are late; its better to give you stale gist then no gist at all. I am running a little promo in celebration of internet wifi today lol. First to comment wins airtime!

        This weekend holds very dear to my heart because I went back to my alma mater (not my university, my high school). Saturday was our annual Miss Premiere pageant. The name of my school is Premiere Academy, and the Miss Premiere pageant is just an annual beauty pageant held to crown a beauty queen. I must say that the competition was hot! The pageant has definitely changed from the last time I did it. For those that don't know, I was the school's first Miss Premiere, so going back to see the new dynamic of the pageant, was very exciting for me.

Just a mini tour of my highschool's campus. 

    The pageant was a serious red carpet event. Unfortunately in all the hassle I was unable to take enough quality pictures, but I will hustle until I am able to get some digital copies to share with you all. I took a few behind the scenes photos of the contestants' photo sessions for you to see.

Contestant no.1's photo session

I was brought on as a judge for the pageant. It was loads of fun having front row seats to the show, and getting a can of cold Chivita juice to go along with it, hahaha. I did my best to be as fair with my judging as possible, and I think I succeeded, because the girl that I was rooting for, and wanted so badly to win, didn't even win on my score card.

The cute Js1 kids doing their dance.

I absolutely loved the dress! This picture doesn't do it justice. 

The winner (not mine)

congratulations Zizi!! (Sorry for the crappy photo) 

Hope you enjoyed reading about my day. I have a yummy restaurant review coming up sometime this weekend.
Stay blessed!
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  1. When I read first to Comment wins Airtime ba... The "Igbo Longer Throat" in me took all the glory... :) So Yyyyyyyaaaayyy aYam first... Oya I want My airtime :p

    1. Oh wow!!! Oshey!!! Ms Premier Emeritus... Hian!! You must be a very fine someboRRy eh!!! As they made you Judge and being a one time winner... So... amma make unprotected love to both ya Blog and your IG.. all in a bit to see a ghen ghen PicSHur of ye... **In Timi Dakolo's voice... wish me well Bubba...

      I am glad you had fun Nne.. and the child on Red top and Black skirt is Hot like Cameroon pepper... Sadly she must be a minor... **crying in Spanish...

      Lemme give you a little tip Lady G... ISP's are way more reliable in the early mornings in Nigeria.. Say 2- 5 Am... Maximise it... :) and yeah... My prefered ISP is Etisalat NG and I want 5K worth of airtime... **Tongue out... This was a ghen ghen Read Bubba... I like you already. :)

    2. Haha! Please oh! They are all small children. Thank you so much for the tip, I will definite use it the next time I'm in Nigeria. XOXO

    3. Congratulations Duru Adolphus Jnr. Looks like you're the first to comment! Email for your prize!

    4. Whoop! Whoop! E mail Sent.. **Faints. then **wakes up and **Screams.. She Kissed me Gang! She kisssssed me :) WhooP! Whoop!! **Then goes back to Fainting mode... Thank you Nne... Awwwghhh this is an #ItcanonlybeGOD moment


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