Saturday, July 11, 2015

Restaurant Review: The Traffic Bar Abuja. (Remarks, Criticism, and Overall Rating)

I have another yummy restaurant review for you all, done live from the capital city, Abuja! The review is sort of  a spin off from the last post I did, if you missed it click (HERE!!) . After spending a long day drawing out ideas for the Miss Premiere pageant, my friend Odaro and I decided to go out for a lunch date to close the day's activities. We headed over to a spot called the Traffic Bar in Maitama district, close to SFC. When we pulled up the very first thing I noticed was that the owner wasn't joking when he named the place "Traffic". It was decorated with traffic lights, and to make it more interesting the servers were dressed as traffic coordinators (not sure if I was feeling that concept though). When you first walk in there is an open outdoor patio seating, then on the right you can head inside the restaurant. Odaro and I decided to go inside the restaurant. The restaurant's ambiance is very laid back, nothing really fancy or breath taking about it. One of their unique features is an open kitchen, where people can actually see everything going on in the kitchen and watch their food be prepared.

      For lunch I wanted to go green and lean, so I ordered a caesar salad as my appetizer, and a club sandwich for my main course. Of course you know my drink was the usual chapman, I mean that's practically the sole reason I visit Nigeria so often anyway. Odaro on the the other hand went savory with her choice, she had the spicy buffalo wings, and for her drink a pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice.

The day started from the school. After the pageant planning, we took a stroll through the gardens and had a little fun photo session.

The beautiful Odaro, and chiief planner behind the Miss Premiere pageant.

The Food!

Caesar Salad. It was very delicious! 

Club Sand which. So much for going lean, had no idea it would come with fries... but I still ate it anyway.

Spicy Buffalo wings

Cajun seasoned fries! The best fries i've tasted in Abuja till date!

My Remarks
The restaurant is a nice environment, a perfect place to chill with friends after a day at work, and it even has a very social night scene that is perfect for a girl's or a guy's night out. 
Some things I saw that I would like to comment on are the waiters. It seemed like we literally had to scream "Is anyone on duty?" before we got attended to. Not just that, the waiters are not friendly, they don't greet or smile at the customers. 
Also the open kitchen concept is not really working sorry to say. We all know that restaurant kitchens are not replicas of heaven's immaculate sanitary standards, but sometimes it's best for people not to even know what goes on back there period! I won't talk about what I saw in the kitchen for damage control, but I will suggest that the kitchen staff be retrained, and a cleanliness standard be upheld and enforced. Also for a place with an open kitchen, I highly suggest the kitchen be remodeled, to give a more interesting site. 
I also think the food portions could be a little bit bigger for the price on them.

The experience at the The Traffic Bar was okay, the drinks tasted great, and the food was awesome. I believe I would be back sometime in the future hoping to see some improvement.

Overall Score: 6/10

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