Friday, July 22, 2016

How I Overcame My Crazy Makeup Addiction.

  A lot of women are pro-makeup. We love it because it serves as a form of self expression. It's fun to be able to do cool things with your face and express how you feel with each stroke of your makeup brush. The things we learn to do with makeup everyday have become countless, from face contouring, to even body contouring. The makeup game has surely stepped up and so have we.
  I can't speak for all but I can definitely speak confidently for myself. I'm a makeup enthusiast. As crazy as it is to say, one of the things that makes me happy is walking into my room and seeing my makeup stand. There's just something about those pretty colors that makes my soul happy. I love to sit in front of my computer and watch YouTube makeup tutorials. They allow me to learn new things, and also help me perfect some of my techniques. As much as I love makeup I seriously believe that makeup should not take the place of ones natural beauty. The truth is that it actually took me a while to get to that point.
I used to overdue the makeup thing, to the point of running to the bathroom to apply concealer when I would wake up in the morning. It was almost as though seeing my bareface in the mirror made me sad. I was no longer happy with who I was, and I used makeup as a mask to hide behind. The saddest points in my days were standing in front of the mirror after a long day to wash my makeup off. At the time I didn't realize how big of a problem it was, to me I was just being a girl and that was what girls did. It wasn't until entered a serious relationship and my fianc√© made me see that I had a problem. Of course it was not easy weaning myself off of makeup, but I had to do it because it was the right thing for me to do. Now I am much more confident in my skin. These days I even go for weeks without applying a single ounce of powder. 
  Makeup is great, but just like other great things it is easily addictive. Let's learn to love the skin we are in, and still get to enjoy the fun and many cool tricks of having a healthy makeup habit. 

Do you have a makeup story? What's your makeup profile? 


  1. I am having a makeup adventure at the moment, I use it to kill boredom and test my creativity. I love my dressing table and don't joke with my makeups. At least till I find another adventure lol.

  2. Thank goodness you understand that a lot of girls overuse makeup. Yeah it is fine to use it but if u are a person I see very often and I can never catch u without makeup then there is a problem

    1. Lol I once had a best friend who I never saw without makeup. Her face seemed to always be beat even at sleepovers. I still wonder what she really looks like up until now...

      Lady G

  3. Man, i can barely manage lip gloss lol. I watch these youtube tutorials and transformation videos and i just can't. I'm too lazy for all of it.


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