Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Spot The Difference Photos.

I love this game! Spot the difference photos are always fun to do when you're bored. Here's a few spot the difference photos for y'all to take a knock at.
Who can spot all the differences in any of these photos? Let's see who's brain is the sharpest. Lol

To The Giveaway Winner
It's been more than 24hours since I chose the winner for Monday's giveaway and the winner is still yet to get in contact with me. You have until 4pm today, or I will sadly have to choose another winner :'(. Hurry don't let your prize slip away! 


  1. There are actually 10 differences in both pictures.
    Now, in the 2nd pix......
    Picture A, the wall clock is 1:30pm while in pix B, the wall clock is 1:45pm
    Picture A, the cupboard locks are shaped round while in pix B they are love shaped.
    Pix A has a blue cup on the shelf while pix B has 2 dolls.
    In pix A, the 2 plates behind the cat are plain while in pix B one of the plates behind the cat has something like a smiley in it.
    Pix A, the items on the tray has something like a biscuit in it while in Pix B the biscuit was replaced with that yellow object(dnt know what to call it) lol
    Pix A, the grand ma's inner shirt has some lines while in pix B it's plain.
    Pix A, the grand ma has a red pin in her hair while it's absent in pix B.
    In pix A, the cat is holding a plain sweet while it's holding a lollipop kinda sweet in pix B.
    Pix A has 2 bananas while pix B has 3.
    In Pix A beside the tray, there's a blue flower vase and it has just 1 fruit while in pix B, there are 2 fruits.......
    This is all I can see.
    Lady G, over to you.

    1. Claps! Wow you really went in! Great job lonely woman. Abeg don't be lonely again.

  2. Oshey! **In Drakes Voice.. I'm Charged uP! Leggo.. Shall we...

    PicSHur 1.

    No Bulb in both Lamp holders, No equal SomeboRRies in both Photo Frames, 3 holes in cheese as against 2, the walls vary, Absence of pop corn :), the Tails in both arent same same.

    PicSHur 2.

    The time is Different, the old man has a cheery in his hair in 1, The lolipop held by the cat varies, the cookie in the trays, the pink thingy on the green thingy, the Blue bowl VS the Dolls on the shelf, the handle of the cabinets up.

    Oya aYaf try! Where is my Prize eh!

    Hiya Lady Gee.. How are you Nne?! Been waiting so much for today to come so i can make mad unprotected lof to your blog.. Soooo.. **Clears throat.. Brrraaccee yaself :)

  3. Thanks lady G.
    Though it took you a while to respond

    1. Sorry about that. Sometimes it takes me a moment to respond to comments. Doesn't mean I don't appreciate every single one of you :D.



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