Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekend Recap. Graduation parties! (more photos added)

It's another Monday, and just like every few weeks I have another update to give you. This weekend recap will not just cover the weekend, but the whole week. Last week was filled with so much activity. The month of May is graduation season here in the U.S., that means there is a party on every corner during this season, and a party on every corner there was. A lot of my friends graduated from the University, my elder brother Obi being one of them. He graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech university. All my mom's sisters and my dad's older sister came from their various locations down to Houston to celebrate with us. It was a full house! Lots and lots of noise, but with that noise came lots of joy. Those ladies never stop gisting and singing! They can go one and on for hours.

For Obi's graduation ceremony last weekend, we rented a bus, and took a long road trip down to Lubbock. It was quite an experience spending 10hrs straight in a confined space with a set of such interesting people.
The graduating seniors

proud mommy

The gorgeous Texas Tech Ladies with Lady G!

The party was hosted by our favorite comedians the Wowo boyz, and it was filled with lots of fun and celebration. My friends and I danced our feet off and ate our selves to obesity. I have to say one of the hardest things about planning a Nigerian party is ensuring you greet everybody. I tell you I was like a robot moving from one place to the other having to keep a wide grin on my face and repeat the phrase "Good evening aunty/uncle, thank you so much for coming <gives wide hug>", lol air hostesses, I hail una, e no easy oh.

the beautiful Mrs and future Mrs!

The Wowo Boyz with the graduate. 
What made things even more special were the friends that traveled all the way from their respective cities to celebrate with us. It was great getting to see some old friends again. What I love about seeing old friends is getting to see where they are at in life. I'm very happy to say that things are going great for most of my friends, and they are taking on life very successfully.

After the party we all decided to dip and head down to cloud 9, which is an African after hours club. As usual cloud 9 was popping, we all had a great time dancing the night away. It wasn't until 5am that we left the club, and ended up getting home by daybreak.

The next day after my brother's party was my friend Deborah's party. Just like at Obi's party we had an amazing time. I danced so much I think I lost at least 5 pounds. Unfortunately I did not take pictures at her party and I have not yet obtained the official pictures, but no worries the post will be updated with gorgeous pictures of her beautiful celebration once I get my hands on the photos!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends and enjoyed reading about mine. Enjoy the rest of the photos!

Our beautiful Deborah and her brother Emmanuel!

Lady G dancing for that cash! 

My lovely mother (in the pink) and her friends!

With Engr. Ikeme, my day Uno from my days back in Nigeria!

Obi and his former roommate

That's my gorgeous mama 

I want to give a huge congratulations to the 2015 graduates! May God bless your hard work, and may you all keep soaring!


  1. Wow look at all dat fun! You peeps have got it!

  2. Hehehehheheheheheheh @ I danced so hard I think I lost weight... lmao... Now that had me in stitches... Oh wow!!! Ofili and Drewski of Wowo Boyz... Oh Mehhhnnn... a NeFer hexSpeRRed it.. Omo eh!!! This eezz not a joking sturvzz eh!!! My am I glad that you had fun... Plus oh mehnnn... In 1 + THE ONE'S voice... Look at you... You look like a million bucks... iTrip biko :)

    You go girl... And Your Mom looks amazing... My this post had me smiling and commenting with a wide grin :) Hearty Congratulations to Engr... My best wishes are with him... and the crowd goes.... Oooooooosssshheey Turn uP.


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