Monday, November 18, 2013

Strip Club Owner buys House Next Door to Ex Wife and Installs $7000 Middle Finger

Wonders shall never end! Lool

A Michigan man is giving his ex-wife the middle finger in a big way with this giant bronze sculpture. (Picture above)

Accoding to reports, Alan Markovitz, a strip club entrepreneur in Detroit, erected the 12-foot-high sculpture on his backyard, and it faces the windows to his ex-wife, Lea Tuohy's bedroom. continue..

Alan and ex-wife Lea had been married for two years, but she ended up cheating on him with a man Alan knew.
So, when Alan and his ex-wife split, she moved in with her cheating partner.

To obviously get back at them, Alan bought the house directly next to theirs, and then put the statue in an area he knew they can't escape seeing it everyday.
He even has a spotlight on the statue for when it is night.

The sculpture cost him a whooping $7,000 - N1.1million.

See more pics after the cut

Alan says he put up the finger because of his ex-wife's new man, for him not being a real man.


The finger at night


  1. Thats a real g. She tot she cld cheat on him and move on like nothing ever happened. Ha!

    1. Lol i can only imagine the look on her face every time she opens her window blinds in the morning and is greeted with that.

  2. i think it is childish, he should just move on.

    1. Lol he is definitely childish to do that. But I have to say stories like this lighten my mondays.

  3. Lol this is ridiculous, but so creative.


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