Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Life Was Saved Today.

  This evening I attended a service that changed my life. My friend had been inviting me to go with her to a fellowship but every time I would either have something to do or make up an excuse not to go (get behind me satan!). Reason for this was not because I didn't want to go but because I
have been to so many bible studies and fellowships, and it is ALWAYS the same thing, same message, same teaching, same scripture same exact thing, so I just felt like this would be one of them. Finally a voice in my head told me to just give it a try and see, so my friend and I went to the church called 429. I have to say it was the most beautiful experience of my life, starting from the praise and worship down to the very last thing the pastor said. I was moved like never before through out the whole service. Everything in my life became clear, all my pain struggles, questions everything was brought to light today. I have to say that from today I will never look at life the same. It is incredible to see how much love is around us, but sometimes us as human beings still feel alone regardless of our company. I would like to thank my friend for bringing me out to this wonderful experience and I am so excited to be going back next weekend. I do urge everyone to try to attend 429 and see for yourself, even if you are not a christian just go I promise you'll love it. It will teach you so many important life lessons that you don't have to be a christian to follow, heck it will even feel like you're at a comedy show at some point ( the pastor is that funny).

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