Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Restaurant Review: Johnny Rockets, In Abuja!

  Ready for another one of my restaurant restaurant reviews? Well come on down because another one is here. This is another review from the capital city, Abuja. It's pretty obvious by now that when I visit Nigeria I forsake my diet and go all out with my eating. What is paining me is that I do not document all the different kinds of foods I eat while i'm there. Any who, all that will soon change. 

When I got into town and one of my friends told me that Johnny Rockets was now in Abuja, I couldn't believe it. I honestly doubted whether she was sure of what she was saying. This is because not once had I heard of or even seen a glimpse of the restaurant in town, which to me was strange because whenever something new comes into abuja the whole town starts talking about it. One afternoon I was craving some good burgers, so I decided to finally seek out this secret Johnny Rockets restaurant. As I pulled up and saw the sign, my tummy did back flips, and I knew I was about to eat good that afternoon. 

 Immediately my friend and I walked into the restaurant, the waiter took us to the upstairs seating. I really wish I was able to get a picture for you all. The design made me feel like I was back in Houston Texas. The waiter handed us some menus and my friend ordered the milkshake first. At first I was playing healthy diet and said all I wanted to drink was water, but once I had a sip of that milkshake, hunny fire works started going off! Now I am not a milkshake person AT ALL, but that milkshake could make me convert. You know I had to order one for myself! I believe the flavor was strawberry with oreos, or something in that nature. 

Once I got my yummy milkshake, I went ahead and placed my order. I decided not to get a burger, and instead try one of their sandwich melts. Unfortunately I can't remember which one I had exactly, but just know it was in the sandwich/ melt section of the menu. My friend on the other hand put in an order for their Nigerian suya burger. We both ordered regular fries as our sides. 

We eventually moved downstairs because upstairs was the bar/smoking area, and my friend is allergic to smoke. One of my favorite features in the restaurant is the jukebox, it is so 40s! It made me feel like I took a trip back in time. Another wonderful feature of the restaurant are the mini jukeboxes at each table downstairs. With your mini jukebox, you can choose what track plays at the restaurant. Yup, you basically get to be their dj. 

That's a glimpse of the mini jukebox to the left of my milkshake.

 My Remarks
I will first start with the food because that's why you're here right? The food was pretty good. I want to give them a huge compliment for the Nigerian Suya burger, it's always great to see foreign branches make an effort to localize their menu. The suya burger is definitely my recommendation for anyone that does not really have much experience with burgers, but would like to get their feet wet (yes my brothers and sisters, burgers are a religion!). Now to my melt. My melt was sadly below my expectations, but I am not surprised because I do not typically eat those kind of sandwiches (unless it's ihop's ham, egg and cheese melt!!). My problem with the melt is that it was way too flat. I expected it to have more ingredients in it. To me it was not too far from a plain grilled cheese sandwich. Definitely not something I would have chosen to pay as much as I did for.
The greeting when you walk in was standard. The waiters are always ready to serve you, and their service is courteous enough. If you live in Nigeria, then I guess you are probably used to the fact that waiters do not smile at customers when serving them, with the exception of Transcorp Hilton's pool side restaurant. Their service is SUPERB, and so are their burgers! (hmm maybe I should do a review!!)I want to comment Johnny Rockets on the mini jukebox idea. It was definitely a fun addition.

Overall Score 


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