Thursday, September 15, 2016

Let Me Tell You About The Time I Got My First Bra.

Just like most of you I was a young blood at some point in my life. I said most of you because it just sounds smoother. My friends and I had our own ideas of what was cool and what was trendy. Back when I was in elementary school, I went through a lot of experiences. Most times when I look back on those days I wonder if my life was a movie and I was the star of it. It aways seemed like there was a trend that everyone had to hop on. First it was the hole hoop thing, where if you didn't know how to hola hoop then you were lame. Then it was the jump rope trend, then came the cheetah girls which I wrote about here a while ago, and finally there was the bra craze.

A bra, a small piece of under clothing used to support the female chest. Who would have ever guessed it could become such a big deal. A lot of my friends were beginning to wear bras and I wasn't about to be left out of the loop. One faithful day a friend of mine wore a new bra to school and I was just so amazed at how a little piece of under garment made her uniform look so much better than mine. I just had to have a piece of that bra. So after lunch during bathroom break I had a little discussion with her in the bathroom and she agreed to borrow me her bra, but she insisted that she needed to have it back after school before her mom found out. So we did the "switcheroo" and we were off. I was loving my "borrowed" bra like not other. It kind of made me feel like a grown woman in some sense.

The day went by quick and before I knew it we were already in the school bus line to go home. My friend frantically ran up to me reminding me that she really needed her bra back or her mom would be mad. I didn't know what to do, we were already walking outside to the buses and it was too late to go to the bathroom and change or the bus would leave us. So at that moment I decided to remove the bra right there in the presence of everyone. I tried to slouch down so nobody would see me. I frantically shifted and squirmed until the bra came off, then I quickly handed it over to my friend, but not fast enough because a teacher saw us and we were in trouble. The teacher pulled us aside, and after scolding us she did what teachers do and reported us to our parents. My dad was so disappointed in me and kept going on about how sharing clothes was unhygienic and wrong on so many levels. At the end of it all my dad took me to the store and we went shopping for my first bra.

It's funny how much a bra meant to me at that age. Now I'm in my 20s and always can't wait to get home so I can take my bra off and stretch my legs. 
Hope you enjoyed story time! 


  1. Lol ....interesting story.Gaby why are you not blogging often?Is it because of your marriage?

    1. Loool I think it's just lack of content to be honest with you. I always encourage readers to help me out by sending me topics you would love me to write or speak about. Please feel free to do so!



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