Monday, November 25, 2013

My Weekend Recap Plus Giveaway Update!!

      Happy Monday beautiful people. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, I know I did. I am what you call a "home body", which means a person that just likes to stay home. Once in a while I go out to partys and gatherings but I receive the most gratification from just staying home and watching movies on irokotv (yesso I looove Nigerian films, shoot me lol). This weekend I decided to do something different and actually see if I could have some fun in this dry town where I go to school. The African Students Association at my school hosted a weekend where other ASA organizations from different schools could get together and party it up, so my friend came down from Arlington and we attended this party weekend. I'm not going to lie and say that It was off the chain but I will say that the best part was seeing my friends from home come out. I got to hang out with some of my people from Houston and even made some new friends, which to me that's what the organization is about, bringing Africans together to network and build friendships.

Lady G on the Right  ^ :) 

Update: In the spirit of the holiday I will be hosting the first of many other giveaways to come for Christmas. I opened my blog stats today and saw that I am almost at 10,000 views. This is to show my appreciation to all my readers and supporters. I will try my best to make it worldwide so my readers from other countries can benefit from it. The information for the giveaway will be coming soon.  Thank you and Stay blessed!!


  1. Lady G you look so sweet! I hope the giveaway will also favour the guys oo, you know we support u too

  2. you lovely and pretty my dear:)

  3. U look amazing. Didn't know u were this hot

    1. Lol well I don't want to blow my own horn but thank you :)


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