Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Gun That Grows Skin?...

Sundays are always chill days for me, and just like everybody else my mind wanders around when I have nothing to do. So I was surfing YouTube (youtube is an incredible place when you're bored)
today and I have no idea how but I came across videos for skin burn treatments. I had nothing to do so I was like "hey this seems cool), and I clicked. In
this specific video it was about a new procedure used to treat serious burns that will have your skin looking good as new afterwards. It is done by the use of a really fancy devise called the "Skin Gun". The skin gun is simply like a spray tan machine with your own skin cell in it, so the doctor just sprays your skin cells onto the burn and within a few hours your skin begins to regenerate. Pretty neat isn't it? I'm sure a lot of you are thinking in your head "so why are you telling us? We're not suffering from 3rd degree burns?" I will tell you why. I like to cook a lot and a lot of my cooking involves oil because I just looove fried food (who doesn't). It has always been a nightmare of mine that one day I will be cooking in the kitchen and pour hot oil on myself and then be disfigured forever (God forbid), but with this new invention I know that if such does happen there is a way out. Of course I will still be extra cautious as I always am but it just takes the nightmare factor out of it. So thank you so much Doctor Jorg C Gerlach for this wonderful invention of yours, you are about to be one rich man!!

Warning: Some parts of this video are a bit graphic, viewer discretion is advised.

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