Saturday, February 25, 2017

Hi Huys, My Name is Lady G, and I'm Going To Be A Mommy...

 Hello family! I want to say that I have missed blogging and interacting with you all so so much! Life has been somewhat empty without this blog, but taking a break was a very much needed decision. I just want to say thank God for my friends that kept on encouraging me to get back it. if not for them, I probably would have not even considered coming back at this time. Also I want to thank my readers, youtube subscribers and social media followers for constantly asking "where are you?" Lola's funny how that question actually makes you sit down to wonder "where exactly am I?"  I know i've been gone for far too long, but I have an explanation for that absence, and a huge announcement! So click on my video and watch away!

Also I will be doing a Q&A video next week, where I will love to answer questions, so please ask your questions either via the blog, comments sectioning youtube or email (


Lady G Loves Your Comments!

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