Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Blogging In Lagos Is Becoming Very Difficult.

The internet situation in Lagos has really made blogging a nightmare for me. I'm more of a computer blogger. Which means I like to have my desk, my special comfortable chair, and my computer filled with content. Of course I don't have my little blogging corner set up in Lagos yet, but we are working on it. For now most of my blogging here has been on my phone. My main issue here though is not the blogging corner, it's the Internet. I use an Internet provider that is recognized as Nigeria's best and fastest internet, and when I use it in other areas it works perfectly fine, but once I get home it just poops. This has made life so difficult for me. I have loads and loads of videos edited and ready to upload, but no internet to upload them! I can't use my phone because the files are too big and will eat up all my MB. It's so bad that for the past 5days I've been uploading one video and it still hasn't reached 50%.
  I need help on what to do! Is there a fellow blogger out here in Lagos that has experienced this tragedy and found a solution to it? I have so many videos I want to share with you all, including my introduction. Suggestions needed. 

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  1. No idea Gaby, but I pray there is a way out soonest.


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