Saturday, July 30, 2016

Baecation! My Trip To Kenya.

  Good morning crew! Originally I was supposed to release this post in a YouTube video, but as I stated in my previous post I have been having internet troubles of recent. I will still be releasing the video version of this hopefully in a few weeks to come, but for now enjoy a few of the photos.
   So about a week after our introduction the hubby and I jetted off to Mombasa Island for a short her away, and relaxation time. We chose Kenya because it is in Africa, and I've always wanted to explore our beautiful continent. Africa is such a huge continent with so many tourist destinations. You would all be surprised at the amazing things our continent has to offer. 
  As we landed at the International Airport in Mombasa, we were chauffeured to our hotel by the hotel driver. We stayed at the Best Western Plus Creek Side Hotel. The hotel had the most beautiful view and was located right on Nyali lake. Not to mention the service was exceptional. We were greeted like executives, and welcomed with cold tropical drinks to cook us off after our journey. After checking in, we were ushered to our room and settled in before coming down for lunch.


         We used the first day to rest, and plan our movement. Then the next day we moved! Our first stop was the Forte Jesus, which is a huge historic site for Kenya. 

A view from forte Jesus.

The art gallery at Forte Jesus.

Whale Bones.

      Once we were done with forte Jesus, we headed to the water to go snorkeling. I've been snorkeling before, but to hubby it was his very first time. At first he maintained that he would not get into the water, but after persistent persuasion from me, he took a leap and swam with the fish. We had the time of our life.

The next day we headed over to the game reserve where I got to feed giraffe. I was so scared the were going to bite my hand off, but surprisingly they were gentle giants. We also got to see bunch of other animals in the reserve. Sadly I can't upload all the photos from our activities, but the good thing is that I will be uploading the video for your viewing pleasure very soon. 

    We ended our trip on the last night with a romantic dinner at one of Mombasa's finest restaurants.  It was the most beautiful establishment. If I had not already been proposed to I would have said it was the perfect engagement spot. The restaurant was located right on the edge of a hill overlooking the water. It almost felt like we were on a ship. They also had a beautiful live band that played spicy salsa music, and at the end of the night couples got up and danced to the tune. 
    Our vacation was a fun, adventurous and refreshing experience. If we did it again, I would say the only thing I would change is to go on the wild life safari. That 's something I am so looking forward to getting to do!
Hope you enjoyed our vaca photos. Stay blessed and bye from us!


  1. Awww, nice pics. There are so many places i'd like to visit. Mombasa has now been added to my list lol.


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