Monday, August 17, 2015

Dear Lady G: When Is It The Right Time To Unfriend Your Ex On Facebook.

I got an email from a reader asking me a very interesting, but different question. I call this question different because I've never really thought about it as a serious issue worth even talking about. But after reading her email, I decided to make it the next blog topic, so here it is!

Today's topic is a very interesting one, because I am sure every single person reading can relate to it. We have all been in, or seen a beautiful relationship come to an end, and one party is trying so hard to move on. One of the first steps to moving on, is cutting off contact with your ex. Some of those steps include, deleting his/her number, stop answering his/her calls, and even removing him/her as a friend on social media.
All of these steps sound so easy, but believe me they are a lot much easier said than done! 
Deleting an ex lover from Facebook is such a hard and painful task to execute, especially if you are someone that loved getting to go on his/her page and look at his/her pictures which always seemed to make you smile, or if you enjoyed keeping up with his/her day to day social media activity (like say you were dating me, obviously you would love to keep up with my blog posts and page updates), but now the relationship is over and you desperately need to move on, especially if he/she already has. The question now is, when is it the appropriate time to delete your ex from your life.

My answer is quite simple, do it when you are ready to. Being ready does not necessarily mean you are completely over them and you can now deal with the fact that you will never be with them again, being ready can be many different feelings. It could be that you have decide that you will not allow your ex to determine how you feel each day anymore. Of course anyone that is going through a breakup knows how much the other person's actions affect them. You could be in your house feeling alright, but then you suddenly open up facebook or instagram and see your ex in pictures having fun with someone else, OUCH that's a blow! In my opinion, I believe an ex should stay where he or she belongs, and that is in your past, especially if the breakup was messy. Everyone deserves to regain their life back after a breakup, and its harder to do that with your ex always in your face. So I say wake up the next morning, pray to God, give yourself a pep talk, and make the decision to regain your life back, then head over to your ex's page and press delete, delete, delete! It's probably going to sting really bad at first, but trust me you will thank me later. Once your ex is deleted, work on yourself, and strive to excel higher than before. He/she will see you again, but this time he/she will see you and hit their head against the wall for ever letting you go. Hehehe, i'm a bit extra guys!

This is my take, let me know your take on when it is appropriate to delete your ex. Do you think it is even necessary to, or do you think it is an important step?

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  1. Unfriend once they become your ex! Say bye bye

  2. Hiya Bubba.. Wow! hehehe I am CHARGED up.. :) I mean there's always this ghen ghen feeling I get reading someboRRy i can ToTaLLY relate withn! **Shines teeth... So yyyyyyaaayyy.. Hiya Lady G.. I am JdB.. Traced thee from the awesome Cliverly's page.. **Clears throat then **Covers face.. yeah Yeah.. Stalker Much...

    So i personally love this Topic.. Cause hey! eez not a Joking sturvzz eh.. Plus like you said yeah... We can all relate.. But I think I am just a very young and confused fellow like that! Or izit cause I have nefer reallllyy put my all into Dating?! Or cause me i am 23?! Omo Me i dont kukuma know why oh! But the legit truth is... **Wait for itttt... So here goes.. I AM FRIENDS WITH ALL 3 EX's. I mean call me Young and Confused yeah.. But Why make it too personal;.. If i delete you from my Media accounts.. Will i delete you from life?!

    Now biko dont get me wrong eh! Bubba... i am not championing a movement for depression.. But my line of thought is to break up for a while.. Social Media et al... But if that person truly makes you Happy.. Ex or Not.. You can still be friends in real life and on social media... Hell! my Ex writes for the Young and Confused Gang every Friday.. Who broke up with who! .. She Did.. Do i want her back?! Hell freaking Yeah! Does she make me happy?! Hell DEFINITELY Yeah! Will it hurt if i see her PDA'ing with another on Instagram.. Hell Yeah! but Happiness is prime.. So if someone makes you happy.. and i mean if even looking at her pictures thrills you.. Then Break off only temporarily.. heal totally while at it.. So when as friends in Life and on Social Media Again.. You know that there are few strings that binds..

    This was a ghen ghen post Bubba.. And the crowd goes.. Oooooossshhheeey Turn uP!

    1. Haha you've got me cracking up here! First and foremost, I would like to offer you a grabs welcome to my blog. You will find that it is a very warm and comfy place here. You've definitely got a case on your hand! Maybe you should he the one writing the blog posts on how to deal with exes rather than me! Lol. Thanks for the love. XO

    2. Yyyyyyyyyaaaaayyyy she replied.. Choi.. **faints... someboRRy please call 911 ohhh... I am blushing so hard right about now yeah...I might haff a blush attack.. Choi a NeFer hexspeRRed it sam sam... Thanks Bubba... I must say that you have quite a warm page.. Thanks for The Hug AKA E-Touching BoRRy.. biko I accept it with my whole heart... **winks then **wears Evil smile


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