Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Never Be Afraid To Reach For The Stars.

In honor of all my super woman friends that graduated with their various degree this weekend, this weekend. Never be afraid to reach for the stars in fear of intimidating others. My friend shared a very empowering message on Instagram and I had to share it with my lovely readers.

When people say to me, 'people are intimidated by you.' I'm like.. Errm ok. Really though, my thoughts and response..

To the women;
God bless you! Keep hating me, as that's the only way you tell you can't explain God's favor in my life. 
I'll continue to bless and love you regardless of how you treat me with a smile on my face.

To the men;
I DO NOT want to be with a COWARD!
You go to school knowing it might be difficult, but you go ahead knowing 'you can do it' no matter how long it'll take. 
If you don't try, how will you know? The person who was burnt by fire tried it, and from his experience we know, if you play with fire it'll burn you. You go to work knowing it will be challenging, but you have that drive and you  go anyway because 'you can do it' and hope for good results. You start a business hoping to be successful, knowing fully well that there's a chance things might not work out. However, you go ahead anyway, because you're man enough for a challenge and what happens in the end?? You reap the benefits good or bad. 
So if I intimidate you, good luck! And be VERY afraid! I bite!! Yes I do! 
I don't have time for any foolishness or to settle for less. I will not stoop to your level just because you're afraid. 
To be very honest, I'd rather be alone than to be with someone who doesn't challenge me mentally, or with one who I can't love knowing his flaws and vice versa. 
That's my 'I'm not a coward path.' And I won't give in to what society wants or its pressures.
 I want the same thing you probably want, but my perspective is different, which is: I  will not give in to fear. I choose to be happy, I choose to love and want to be loved, I pray for patience, I'm a work in progress and very flawed. So there you go, my response to intimidation! E. Sido ❤️

Eloho Sido just graduated with her master's degree in Computer science. Hats off to you girl!
You can follow her on instagram @E_Sido


  1. Looks like there's a feminist movement happening on your blog. Love your strength!

  2. Oh wow!!! This line hit me the most.. You know nah... the one were Eloho went... "I will not stoop down to your level because you are afraid..." Now that was Truthfully DEEP...

    You know yeah Lady G... I am a guy... and a 23 year old utterly Confused one at that... So I know... Truth is that for us guys ehn... its hard being with a woman that is beRRa than us... and while I understand that it's 2015... I guess my kind just have to finally accept the fact that there is a paradigm shift (not sure if that term applies sha... #Hope)... and that Ladies are taking over.. I remember breaking up with my first geh friend when I was 15 all because she was smarter than I was In Chemistry... Naive much ba?! NAaaaa... Reality that's what... Oh well... Maybe in time I will learn..

    To Eloho... Weldone Bubba... weldone... The sky is just your starting point Bubba... Keep soaring... GOD bless you. Thanks for sharing Lady G... You Rock.. and Oh CongratuloBIA on your graduation... Bigger thee I pray Nne.

    1. You definitely have to understand that times are different now. No gender is superior as it was believed in our parents' time. The secret to peace in a relationship is to relinquish power and allow the other to shine. Men often don't understand that when their woman wins, they win. When you spend time trying to keep your woman down, you are equally bringing yourself down. Let her shine, and be the strong man behind her success. She will never insult you knowing that you are her biggest well-wisher.


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