Monday, August 25, 2014

Week and Weekend recap. Wedding hopping ( Photos included)

  Good morning and happy Monday! I always say happy Monday but what I really mean is I wish the weekend could be just a tad bit loooonger!!! Anyways the important thing is that we are alive. I am alive and well to update my blog and you are all alive and well to read it! Hehe. This week was a busy one. So this will be a week recap and not just weekend. I also want to apologize ahead of time if the photos included in today's post are not in HD. I used my phone camera to take most of them
  I would first start off by saying its been 2 weeks since my laptop charger went missing :(. I don't know what happened, did it just sprout legs and start walking? It's been so frustrating, but I've decided to just buy another one. Bye lappy charger, you've served me well.
     I started work 3 weeks ago, relax you did not miss my graduation! Lol. I just figured that I am young and able bodied, so instead of sitting at home and doing nothing I should get to work. Great logic right? The first few days were the hardest. I have never been on my feet for so long at once. I came home every day with sore swollen feet. Luckily I quickly got used to it. Another annoying part of my job is that I work in a hospital, so you can't be too cute with your dressing. It's pretty much scrubs everyday. And for those of you that have worn scrubs or know what they are... They are not the most fashionable things to wear. The photo on the right is a photo of one of the few times I did not wear scrubs. Over all works was good.  My co-workers are most of the time nice and we seemed to get along quite well. I also now know the names and uses of many different drugs,  yep you guessed it, I work in a pharmacy as a technician.

   The weekends came and I attended a couple of weddings different weekends apart. I have to say that I went to my very first Yoruba wedding and I was blown away. These Yoruba folks know how to get down. Their dressing was on point, the aso-ebi was just breath taking, the party was rocking. I think that from now on I will be booking Yoruba dj's for all my events. My darling Igbo's I love you guys but Yoruba's get down! The food was also amazing. They had all the delicacy's from jollof rice, to fried rice, to chicken, goat meat, salad, POUNDED YAM!! and even small chops like meat pie, puff puff, spring rolls. The best part was that it was not one or the other, you could have them all! So you know me, I HAD THEM ALL! I had a great time at the wedding, and of-course all the other ones I went to, but my Yoruba peeps Taiwo and Tomiwa won first place for the Gabychronicles wedding awards!
I'm excited to hopefully be covering another wedding weekend I might be attending in Dallas next month. We'll see how that goes :).

Happy wedding guest "selfies"!

With my friend Excel

What's a wedding without a photobooth?!

My outfit from Ada's wedding

Have a great week guys!!


  1. Love your pink Ankara dress. Yes o, Yoruba people love parties no be small. Now, I'm hungry. lol.

    1. Aw Thank you Chineze! Tell me about it! I'm still looking for the details of that dj.

  2. hehehehhe meehhnn Lady Gee of laife ehhhnn.. One cannot categorically explain how lit a Yoruba Wedding can get! I mean those guys can party for Days.. ComeeoonnN! lmao.. I remember one i went for.. Asin ehnn! It was not a joking Sturvzz sam sam oh! Cause As i entered the hall gbam.. The first kweShion the caterers asked was "Sir what do you want to eat!" I literally went whhhaaattttttt?! See Turn uP session oh! And they usually get to do the whole Ghen ghen Dance Routines.. Too Frosh dey worry them.. Yoruba's for the friGGing win yo!! **Slaps Self.. kai Nonso.. See as you just low key Ported from Igbo to Youruba cause of food.. **covers face

    @Another annoying part of my job is that I work in a hospital, so you can't be too cute with your dressing" hehehe Pele.. It must be a Beautiful sight to behold you in scrubs (full pun intended).. heheh Cheers Bubba. Blessings!


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