Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What relaxer Really Does To Your Hair.

  3 years ago I got tired of continuously "frying" my hair, and not to mention paying a lot of money to do so. I still have the memory of the very first time I asked my mom to relax my hair. Though my mom had been relaxing her hair because she was a working woman that did not have time to manage her natural hair, not to mention at that time natural hair on black women was not too common, and the proper education and products were not very much  available. The best and most efficient option was to cut it short or relax it and go. Mommy had some long and luscious hair so you know option one was way out of the question! My mom was very big on teaching me to love all my features so she chose not to relax my hair... Until one day I asked for it... That's a totally separate blog post.

    This morning I was scrolling down my Facebook timeline and came across a very informative video. It is pretty much a chemistry lesson on relaxer. I found it quite interesting and something that many women can relate to. It is definitely a must watch. I do not condemn the use of relaxer at all and agree that it is 100% a personal choice, but it doesn't hurt to know the full effect of what it actually does to the hair.
Hope you enjoy my this little beauty chemistry 101 class.


  1. This is so informative. We never know what we are doing to our health with some of the products we use. Thanks for the heads up. I have actually been seriously considering the natural hair journey. It is just that here in nigeria you don't really have any role models or anyone that is willing to do it with you.

    1. I definitely encourage you to do so. As a matter of fact I do have natural hair, but I choose to wear my hair in braids and weaves. I do this because it is easier to maintain, but I do hope to start wearing it as it is when I graduate and have more time for myself. Glad you found it informative Crystal!


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