Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Nigerian Romance of The Century

  I know I'm tardy for the party but I have not had my opportunity to congratulate 2face Idibia and his new wife Mrs. Annie Idibia...
Anyone that has kept up with this modern Romeo and Juliet knows that it has not been a walk in the park.

    Annie met 2face when she was just 15 while he was still a little boy with big dreams. According to her in an interview sparks flew the moment they met.They started dating not too long after ( I think we remember her as the leading lady in the video African Queen).  Their relationship has been full of break ups and make ups ever since. We all remember when it was found out that 2face had impregnated two women "Pero Adeniyi" and " Sumbo Ajala". I'm sure you don't need help on finding out what happened next. The couple split up and then got back together again. During which the two women got pregnant for 2face again, not to mention Annie had gotten pregnant for him as well. This time they broke up and were not even speaking. 2face did the mature thing and called her up to beg for her forgiveness. The couple then got on talking terms. After this whole palooza, he made a bold decision to  propose to Annie on valentine's day, at that point they were not even dating but that didn't stop her from screaming "YES YES YES".
They had a beautiful traditional wedding in Akwa Ibom state where Annie is from and then had their white wedding in Dubai. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I wish them a happy marriage and stable home. Congratulations Annie!!!! You deserve it all!!!!

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