Thursday, March 28, 2013

For the sake of her baby.

Hello readers. Firstly I would like to apologize for being gone for 3months. Got back from Christmas break and I guess things had not fallen into place. Anyways I'm back now and greater than ever. So back to the point of this blog.                    
   I think we can all agree that no one wants to be Kim Kardashian right now. Okay let's pause and retrace her steps from the beginning of this mess.
First Kim starts dating Kris Humphries ( you know the one that can't get a ball in) and then after a few months they get married in this huge extravagant wedding fit for royalty. Two and a half months later she files for divorce. Now no one really knows why but if you watch the show ( guilty beyond reasonable doubt) you can probably get an idea. SHE JUST CAN'T COMPROMISE!!!!!! Anyways while all the divorce drama is going on, our lovely Kim finds comfort in the arms of another, Kanye West. Now lets not forget though, Miss Kardashian is still married to Mr. Humphries. As her and Mr.West frolic about she becomes pregnant. Not for her husband, but for her boyfriend, anyone confused yet? Now poor little Kim is spending her energy and precious pregnant time that she should be using to rest and be pampered by her babies father, to fight for a divorce. Word Is that Kim desperately wants this divorce for the sake of her child. I cant blame her, if I was married and then got pregnant by my boyfriend I would want a divorce too. Wouldn't want my child knowing me as a promiscuous woman ( I am not calling Kim one). Anyways I truly feel for her and I hope that Kris has pity on The poor girl and grants her the divorce So they can both move on and live happily ever after :)

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