Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Nigerian Embassy Experience.

   Hi guys!! First of all I would like to say happy late thanksgiving to my American readers, I really hope you all had a great day of Turkey and family. yes I have been absent for a while, in case you didn't know I am a student pursuing a psychology degree, so I have had a lot of reading and tests lately. But i'm back back back!!! (for now :D). Okay now to the topic.

   Since I will be travelling to Nigeria this Christmas (yayy mee!!) I needed desperately to renew my passport because it had expired. So luckily for me my aunt informed my mother and I that the Nigerian embassy was in Houston issuing visas and passports. Of course my mother and I jumped at the opportunity, not to mention it seemed like a much better deal then having to travel to Atlanta to do it. So we both went. While we were there I assumed that the process would be easy, organized and straight forward since this is the United States and that is how things are done here. BOY WAS I WRONG!! We were there for HOURS, I'm not talking a few hours like a doctor's office wait, I'm talking 12pm-8:30 pm (yeah). The place was so disorganized  there was little direction, and the workers were so slow, not to mention they were rude.  The whole experience just reminded me of why I left Naija in the first place (lol). Are you kidding me? All that just to turn in a form and take a picture? Nigerians we need to do better.

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