Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ihop Cravings

  Have you ever been addicted to a certain type of food before? I guess some of you are probably asking if it's even possible to have a food addiction considering the fact that we all need food to survive. I was once like you, but now of course I have seen the oh so bright light. I have a crazy craving for Ihop's Ham and Egg Melts with their side of Cajun fries, not to mention I also order a stack of carrot cake pancakes to go along with it. At times I would lay awake at night dreaming about the sweet softer than ever pancakes drizzled in hot syrup being nursed to safety in my mouth, or the oh so cheesy sandwich in buttery toasted bread going "crunch!" every time I would take a bite. OOH WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! Until the worst thing happened. They stopped making my carrot cake pancakes :'0... Now I just settle for the red velvet pancakes, which aren't so bad, but I do miss my carrot cake. Ihop if you are reading this I want my carrot cake pancakes back! You had no right to take them from me!!

                                                                                                                 - An angry customer.

                                                                  Red Velvet Pancakes
                                     My usual order Ham&Egg Melt with Carrot cake Pancakes


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