Saturday, October 20, 2012

Long Distance Love (The Chief edition)

 Hello lovely readers!
 As I know you have all read my "Long Distance Love" =D (If you haven't than you know what to do) story and you will probably be pleased to know that Chief has decided to speak out and do his own version of the story. So here you go! Long Distance Love the chief edition!:

      Unlike any love story you have ever heard before, this captures my heart more than any other. You see, it started way back when they were just words but believe me, I believe them like I believe the holy book.
A friend of mine had tried hooking me up with a few of her friends but they all seem to fall short of my expectations. I had preferred to stay on my own (single and not searching). So she tells me about a friend of hers she calls princess. She described princess like she was from a fairy tale and as always I was eager to prove her wrong and tell her, “you see, I told you she is not the girl for me.”
But it scared me when my friend insists that Princess is not the same. This really got me interested. Eventually I was introduced to Princess in the most awkward of ways, through a chat conference. It was from our little chat, I got her number and decided to call her.
The word “hello” as she said it, has never been said like that before. My head sprung round like it does in them cartoons. Princess’s voice is one I've never heard before, more like a voice you will hear in your day dream when you wonder about that dream girl you know you might never meet. Well, this was real and I was not in a rush to drop the call soon. We spoke for a very long time. I think I might have held the world record for the longest time ever on the phone. Where is Guinness book of world records when you need them? I fell in love with princess right there and then.
Not only did she have the sweetest voice but also the cutest face in the world. It might sound like I’m exaggerating, but believe me I was sprung out of my own world and fell into hers. I fell in love. From our first conversation, it has been a ritual for me to hear her talk through the phone every day. It’s like a soap opera you would never want to miss in a day. So I stay tuned. Lol.
I fell in love with princess the very first time we spoke and I thank God she is mine now. You might say it is a crazy feeling because we have never met physically, but believe me we find love in the strangest places and mine happens to be far away from me. I still Thank God because she gives my life a whole new meaning. Now she is my one and only and like Drake will say, “I’m on one.”
You should probably stay tuned to the next episode of this real life soap, because the next episode, we are getting married!!

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