Friday, October 12, 2012

Birthday Things...

       So it just donned on me that my birthday is in 13 days!! yaaayy!! I really don't know what I am excited about though, after all last year for my 18th birthday I didn't do anything but go to class and go home. I didn't get anything either. I guess I can console myself and say "It's not about the
 presents its about the cause"... Spare me please. Everyone knows that the only reason we look forward to our birthdays is not to celebrate the in approaching time to our death, but to get presents and fake smiles from people we barely even talk to trying to make us feel special for the day. I don't know about you but I always feel like the most important person to ever touch the lives of others on my birthday, and then the next day it's back to "Gabby who". Like seriously why do people do that? I know for a fact that I always try to make my friends feel as special as possible whenever I get a chance. Oh well, it's just the cruel cruel world we live in. I guess i'll just sit here and mark off my calendar till the 25th when i'll be turning 19... Hmm I wonder who will get the award for fakest smile this year =D!!!

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