Friday, October 12, 2012

Yummy Yummy In My Tummy (The Jollof rice edition) =D

      Yessss, I know what you're thinking right now... "is that Jollof rice???"... well yes mam it is! I have been craving this for a very long time. Being that I am a student and always broke I haven't been able to fix me up a rich batch, but thank goodness today I could. For some of you that are not familiar with this dish
I would be more than happy to tell you about it.
      This right here is a west African delicacy called "jollof rice". Jollof rice is very much enjoyed in countries like Nigeria and Ghana. It is served at weddings and any other African party you can think of. Its main ingredients are tomatoes, rice and curry.. of course you have your spices and other things.
Preparing this dish is not hard at all, and yes I will teach you how to do it as well. Just make sure that when you do, you refer whoever it is you made it for to my blog and give me full credit!! =D

How To Prepare Jollof Rice
Vegetable oil
Chopped Onions
Fresh Tomatoes
Tomato Paste
Curry powder
Maggi Cube
Garlic (optional)

How To
1. First you want to parboil your rice. Africans like to use parboiled rice, so it would be preferred you use that to prepare your Jollof rice. Boil the rice for about 5 minutes at high heat and then take it to the sink and rinse it. After doing so put some fresh new water in the rice and also add some salt and maggi cube to it. This allows for some flavor to settle into the rice. Then place it back on the stove and let it boil more until it is done.

2. Pour some oil into a big pan, when the oil is hot pour your onions in it and let it sizzle. One of the secrets to making tasty jollof rice is to let your onions burn a little. While your onions are sizzling you should blend your tomatoes and peppers. After blending your tomatoes when the onions have almost burned pour the tomatoes into the oil. Fry the tomatoes for about 2 minutes and then add tomato paste. Let that fry for a while and stir it once every minute so it wont stick to the pan. Also add the garlic, curry, your chopped crayfish, salt (if still needed) and other spices of your choice.

3. Once your stew is ready and your rice is ready pour the stew over the rice. You can add a little bit of water just to reduce thickness. Now begin to stir the rice and stew till it has been evenly distributed. Cover the rice and let that stuff sizzle!! That is the koko (That's what's up )! If it starts to burn don't worry about it. Once the rice and the stew have settled into each other you can turn off your stove and my friend you have made some delicious jollof rice!!... Let me know how it tastes =D!

                                                                                                              -Gabby's Blog

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  1. Just Negodu! See how Lady Gee of Destiny has tactfully made me Hungry at 7: 53 AM on a Harmattan infested Wednesday **Cries in low Key Tenor.. then **Throws Both hands in the Air! Jollof Rice for the Frigging win Yyooo!!! That Thing be saving lives since 19 kokoro :) How are you Bubba?!


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