Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Message From A Friend: All Men Cheat...

The statement all men cheat is one that all of us have heard before. Of course many of us have differing opinions as to whether that statement is a fact, or simply a fallacy. Talking to a lot of women, I've met some that have the belief that no matter where you run to, your man will still cheat on you. So there is basically no need divorcing/ breaking up with your man because he cheated on you, unless you plan to be divorcing/breaking up with every man you meet from then on. As a single unmarried girl, hearing experienced women with that belief scares the socks off of me. It makes me wonder, is this what I have to endure? Is that really what marriage/ relationships fall down to? This is a message a lady wrote about a friend who has been dealing with a cheating husband. What do you think about this write up. Did she give good or terrible advice. It's been causing quite the controversy on Instagram, with ladies having different stands.
 Some of people's comments below:


  1. Hiya Lady G.. My newest Agbani of the federal Republic of Blogsville.. Whats up Bae?! Okkaayy.. Lets dig in straight away shall we?! "NOT ALL MEN CHEAT"- Duru JdB (21.11.15). Take it or leave it Bubba.. there are still good people in the world.. but i have to quickly say this.. what a reverend Father told us at Church some Sunday's ago.. Wait for iiittt... So here goes:

    "We men love to chase"

    I mean before we get married to a lady yeah.. We chase after her cause she keeps running.. and by "running" i mean she does all the nice hair, nails, she smells sweet like Pineapple and looks beauRRiful and all.. but sadly when we get married.. She stops Running and she just loses it all. lady G... Men are moved by sight Nne.. And then when i see a sexy someboRRy outside.. i might be forced to bang her cause she is still "running".. Nne..We guys want.. You know what.. lemme personalize this comment :).. I want a lady that will be beauRRiful before I marry her.. and stay beauRRiful all through even after child birth. I mean If i have that yeah.. Then why on Earth would i sleep outside when i can have all the raw sex i want at home with the woman of my dreams?! Think about it.

    P.S: Christmas in about a month.. Eez not a joking Sturvvzzss eh! cant wait. Oshey Turn uP!

    1. Whooop! Whooppp!! Its December 1 baby :) Turn uPPP!!! :) Happy New month Bubba.. may GOD bless us in ways we neFer hexspeRRed this new month Nne.

      So Insha Allah yeah.. Because we are so much excited about what you do on here.. and I are so BIG a fan of your ghen gehn writing.. and because we adore you (**Whispers... So this is all me toasting you with words :) ) please be informed that we nominated you for the "Sister Hood of the World Award" on the Young and Confused Gang. Please Nne.. I beg you in the name of my ONLY Brown Wrist watch.. Dont ask how a confused Brother like me got nominated eh.. **Covers face.. Please lady G.. I beg you in the name of Chioma my future geh friend.. please take up the challenge here;


      Please Baby mi.. please do it.. Pretty pelase?! **Wears Puppy face :)

    2. Happy New month to you too dear! I will check it out!

  2. How many men has lady dates to come to these ridiculous conclusion. Only a hoe\bitch has the power of attorney to make that statement. There are many good men out there. Probably the ladies need to change their circus of friends maybe to get a new perspective


    1. No need to get vulgar Mr. Immanuel. Thanks for your input.



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