Saturday, June 11, 2016

Journey To Mrs.

Good morning my people. I hope you are all well and ready to conquer. I am currently on a short holiday in Kenya, and with vacation comes peace of mind. So with that I've decided to make my new blog series announcement officially on the blog. I took to instagram this week to share the news that I will be creating a brand new column on the blog that will be centered around the joys and even struggles of becoming a wife. Incase you have not been able to tell yet I am super exited for this new chapter in my life!

What To Expect  In This New Series

Expect to hear first hand experiences from the eye of newly married girl.
I will fill it with tips and tricks that I have probably learned or practiced.
Personal stories and lots of photos of hubby and I (yes stay tuned for our Kenya vacation pics)
Day to day activities with family.
Family stories and tips.
And lots and lots of relationship talk as we used to do on here!

Hope you are all just as excited as I am, and I can not wait to bring you all along with me!


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