Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ask Lady G. Moving on After A Bad Breakup!

Good morning and happy Saturday! Hope you were all able to still enjoy your weekends amidst this Tiwa Savage Teebillz business. That thing is seriously disrupting the system mehn! Guys no fit go work again because we dey for our beds depressed. Such a sad situation and I hope the two parties can get better and move on amicably.

Now onto my video. I received a super challenging question some weeks ago, and it's time to share. This is a question from a man, who was previously married but now divorced. I have to say that I feel quite honored that he would deem me fit to ask this one. I couldn't really address the topic well, seeing that I am not married myself so I tried my best to give a more general answer!

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Hello, do you give advice to men too? Well, here's my question, I'm divorced with two little girls 11 and 13 yrs old. I'm finding it difficult to find a woman who will settle down with me at this point. I'm from Nigeria and I don't want to go back there and bring a woman that will eventually leave me here in d United States after getting a green card. I'm a 60 yrs old man. I need to settle down now before it's too late. I'm afraid to talk to Nigerian women over here because my Nigerian ex-wife left me after 17yrs of marriage with no apparent reason. She too d house and everything. What shall I do now miss?


  1. If i was the one... i wont bother finding a wife.. ill just find a steady knacking partner..At age 60? ill just bring up my kids in the best way.. and when nature calls (Konji)i call over my knacking partner

    Remember... if i was the one o

    1. Lmaoo! Well then thank God you're not the one!



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