Monday, February 8, 2016

No Suggestions, No Giveaway!!

Hello lovely readers! Hope you are all doing well this gorgeous and loveful February. In January I received some emails from disappointed readers asking why I didn't do my annual Christmas giveaway. Well it's simple. No one gave me the suggestions that I asked for!!! I love all my readers and  love it when I'm able to do a giveaway for you all, whether it's my regular recharge card handout, or my Amazon giftcard, or an actual present. It's always fun to make you all happy. But you have to participate more and make me excited to do these as well! For the Christmas giveaway I asked for you all to give suggestions and from the suggesters I planned to pick my winner. So you see why. No one entered therefore no one won. Hopefully now that you know whenever I ask for giveaway suggestions it's a sneaky way of getting to see those that actually read my content and participate actively. With that being said, I would have loved to have a giveaway for Valentine's Day, but life got in the way and since Val's day is less than1week away, there is not enough time to run the giveaway. Instead I would be doing the next giveaway in the month of March! So please leave your suggestions on this giveaway for an entry and a chance to win! The details will be announced soon. Love y'all! XOXO


  1. No Valentine's giveaway :( well I guess March can be Spring is Coming theme-floral mini purse, idk a bright greeting card, scarf etc. I love packages :-). But just one or two of these things is fine

    1. Ugh! Don't make me feel worse then I already do!! I would have loved to do a Valentine giveaway, but it just didn't workout. But look at the bright side, i must not just show love to my readers on Valentine's Day. I can show love any day of the year because you all stay awesome everyday!! Thanks for your suggestions, you've been entered.

  2. Anything you do a giveaway it's ok..things are very diffcult nowdays

  3. Replies
    1. I really love the sound of that. You can never have enough shoes or bags. Thanks!


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