Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Last Minute Ideas For This Valentine's Day

You've been busy and didn't realize Valentine's Day is fast approaching? No worries, your girl has got you covered!

Valentine's Day should not be the only day you show a person love, but it is the day to celebrate it. Celebrating love can be so fun and believe it or not it can be very affordable to. 

1. Take her to her favorite restaurant: this is the most common and most done, but it never gets old. One of the best words a girl loves to hear is "get dressed, we're going out by 6". Make it a private dinner between you and her, and while you are there discuss your love and how far the two of you have gone together. Share your appreciation for one another that night. 

2. Cook dinner: nothing says I love you to a girl like a man putting on an apron and slaying in the kitchen for her.
Prepare a nice dinner, then light some candles and set up the dining area for two. Of course makesure you have a lovely delicious and sexy red velvet cake for dessert afterwards!! (Yuuum red velvet) 

3. Treat her to a day of pampering: Ok so maybe you are working on Valentine's Day, or you just are not available. Send her off to a day at the salon/spa to get her nails done, a pedicure and hair done. Make her feel beautiful!

4. Send a bouquet of roses: It's never too late to plan a flower delivery to her home or workplace. Thick bouquets please! Ladies don't like scanty bouquets (just a point). 

5. Plan a surprise: For this I will leave it to you. Ladies LOOOOVE surprises. You can do something like ask her to get dressed and take her back to the first place y'all ever met, and when you get there you read her a handwritten love letter. Or you could hire a guitarist to come by her home or office and play a romantic tune for her, with a bouquet of roses. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! 

Hope you got a few ideas from my write up. And ladies don't be afraid to contribute. I often say that it is not difficult to be romantic. All you have to do is think outside the box, and do something you would not normally do. Be blessed! 


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