Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Drinking Panadol On Top another Person Headache...

Good morning fam! It's a brand new month and almost the end of another beautiful year! Do you feel you accomplished what you needed this year, or things didn't really go according to plans? If you are not satisfied with 2015, then good news, the year isn't over yet and you  still have 29 days to turn it around! So get started today!

For now let's talk about those busy bodies, those I must sit on top your matter people. Yes, we all know dem! Those that are close to me know that I'm one of the most nonchalant individuals you will ever meet. I'm barely moved by anything, and sometimes it's not a good thing. But that's just me and how I deal with situations I feel I can't control.
What baffles me though is the amount of people that stay up at night over other people's issues. If you don't get what I'm driving at, then perhaps you're not on social media. It's crazy how everyone on Social media jump into people's issues and feel they have a say in ones life as though their life is a company and  they hold shares in it. Example:
A beautiful lady posts a pic of her with her girlfriends, and a string of the bitter brigade begin to swarm her comments with " what is a married woman doing outside at this time of the night; are you supposed to be dressing like that; cover up,those are only meant to be seen by your husband". What in the world guys?! Like do these people type that kind of foolishness with a straight face? 
The day I just threw my hands up and said I'm done with these losers was on a beautiful Friday morning where I was scrolling through my timeline, and ran across a video of Laura Ikeji having a  blast in her swimming pool with her brother. If you haven't heard Linda Ikeji bought a new mansion in Banana Island (balling). So the mansion has a pool and Laura (Linda's sister) was having a swim to cool off from the hot day. Next thing I know a lady begins to scold Laura in the comment section for swimming out in the hot sun. She was telling Laura that swimming in the sun will make her dark skinned and that it is bad because good bleaching creams are extremely expensive and Laura will have to pay a lot to lighten up again, so she needs to stay indoors and stop swimming in the sun....
Anyone else shocked at this display of stupidity? Because I surely was. Last I checked everyone swims in the sun. A woman spends all that money to put a pool in her house and now some nonentity comes out of nowhere to tell her not to go swimming in her own pool so she can be light skinned?! Of course Laura doesn't care because she's enjoying herself, and even went back for a swim the next day as well. 

Moral of the story, if the person living the life isn't bothered, then you shouldn't be either.

P.s: I will probably be doing a Christmas giveaway. This week let me know what you would like to win and you will be entered twice! See yah! 



  1. Lol...It is a serious matter. The truth of the matter is they don't have things to keep them busy. Do you know that out of all professions, no award goes to the most brillant critic? Let's them keep wangling their tongue abi finger whichever and I will be sipping my juice.

    I hope I'm qualified to win your Christmas gift sha? This is my first time commenting though. You made me fall in love with you when you commented on my article on Duru's blog.

    Nice blog you have BTW.

    1. Awww thank you Adenike! You are welcome to my blog! I will be making a post about a giveaway very soon. Stay blessed.


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