Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The First Date Tag | Gabychronicles !

Hi Loves! My new video is up and it's called The First Date Tag! Find out about how I handle my first date situations and the last guy that got angry at me for offering to pay for dinner lol.

As usual send in your emails for topic requests and suggestions! Hmm btw it's been a while since I did a giveaway her, who would like to see a giveaway happen on the blog?! Help me come up with my next giveaway idea and you might win something too!

Email: Gabyanastasis@gmail.com


  1. Oh Wow! Lady Gee toh Sure.. Bubba toh Fine.. Woman toh Sexy :) First off eh! You got me with the sound track.. I love it.

    So first date huh?! eehehhmm **Scratches head.. I like to see my self as a Young and confused 23 years 11 months and 4 days old child.. hence making me an abnormal someboRRy. Most of the time eh.. I hardly ask a lady out (#PickyMuch).. I most times just meet her outside at the eatery, on the bus or something, and we sit, get something and laugh, play then say good bye.. But when I do get to 'OFFICIALLY' Ask a lady out.. Its definitely food related.. Hence Dinner.. Why?! cause I need to see WHO! she eezz..

    Now i am a sulker for beauRRy, sexiness and poise, but top of my MUST have list is Class.. so if i would want something ghen ghen with a lady ehhnn.. Mehhnn I gats be sure that she is classy like that oh.. So Definitely Dinner or Lunch.. No Human can Form for food nah :)

    About paying.. Wo! me i cannot come and goan lie hia oh! I am an African human being. And it is a tad insulting for a lady to pay for me on a date.. Maybe on a meeting; yes.. But not a date... However when we really do get Familiar (up to the pecking, touching BoRRy and kissing leFel).. eeehhhennn.. Then Yes! But on the first Date! Aha nah! Woman don't fall my hand.. Plus shey be eezz me daRRis kuku carrying her out nah.. Sooo I will definitely jejely carry her to where my money can "Carry"

    This was fun to watch Lady Gee.. I laughed and smiled at intervals.. You go gurl.. Please do more Nnee.. pretty Please.. Oya Pllleeaaaseeee.. On Give aways.. Yyyyyaaaayyy.. Please do one oh! If i wanted anything yeah.. From a blogger far away.. It would be a hand written letter posted via postal service. Call me a "Shakesperal stale someboRRy".. But there is something Oh! So cool about Hand written letters in this fast paced Internet world..

    Cheers Bubba.. be safe.. and Do stay Happy.. and the crowd goes.. Oooossshheeeyyy Turn uP!

    1. Wow a handwritten letter, you're such a romantic I must say. And you're so right about taking her only where you can afford. That's what smart men do. If you start off big, how do you intend to maintain it? You have to start from the bottom, and keep working your way up! Thanks for the love Mr. Adolphus!


    2. Thank GOD Bubba... Anytime.. I mean You have great content.. So it sure is fun to be here...Cheers.


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