Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Pledge.

As an African woman whose eyes have been opened, I have made up my mind not to follow the pressures of various family members and society by defining my worth by my relationship/marital status. I have seen what desperateness has done to people. It causes people to make decisions they otherwise would not have made, it causes people to trade in genuine happiness for mere convenience. I will not be a victim of cultural pressure, and neither should you, man or woman! 

Have a blessed day readers! 


  1. you're so beautiful!!!

  2. @"As an African woman whose eyes have been opened" heheheheheh Aha! eezz never that deep nah lady Gee.. neverr! lmao

    Sincerely yeah Bubba.. I think Happiness should be our priority all time every time.. Not Comfort but True and sincere Happiness. Cheers.


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