Saturday, February 21, 2015

Let My Life Be Your Teacher.

I've been through a lot of life's struggles lately. It's like once I get out of what I think is the the most stressful situation ever, I land in another stressful situation that is even worse than the first one. These situations have even caused me to shy away from my first love, which is blogging. I recently thought to myself "why not blog about your struggles? Let people hear and go through them with you. After all that's what blogging is all about." So I have decided to bring those struggles to you. My plan is to make my life as open as possible and appropriate. All my life I have been a private person. I can say to you that not very many people in this world truly know me.  Even my best friends will confess that they truly do not know what goes on inside my little head and in my private life. For those that have been with me from the start, my blog was inspired by a previous relationship. As a matter of fact, he was the composer of my very first post. And I promised to bring you all along as that relationship flourished. Well that relationship is dead and buried now...
But it doesn't  mean my dream has to die with it. I want this blog to be a journey of my life. I want it to be a place where someone who is having difficulties understanding me can go and say "now I understand." No more hiding, no more beating around the bush. of course it will still be fun and corky, with lots of relationship and girl talk as usual, but this time I want it to reflect me. With all honesty and real life! I for see hurting some people as I go, but it is a risk that I am ready to take. Also to my blog family please be as engaged as possible, let's make this blog like a family. Where we talk and help each other out. With that being said, I hope you are all ready for the 2015 new and improved version of Gabychronicles.

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