Monday, December 22, 2014

Weekend Recap! Lady G in Nigeria.

Good mooring Gabychronicles readers! Or better still, good morning beautiful family. Your favorite blogger is back. I have been missing for a long long time because have been busy preparing for graduation. But guess what? I'm done! Your girl is officially a university graduate, and I have a long and lovely post coming to you all very soon. But now let's focus on this weekend's recap.

 I arrived in Nigeria last week. You all know that I love this place and can't seem to get enough of it in my system. Naija is still the same stressful country it was last year and years before that, taxi men almost knocking you down, "chikers" (men that chase women) at every corner, over priced shopping malls, inconsistent light ( though for some reason we have electricity all day at my house), pounding sun, and so many other stressers one could think of. But it is still home, so best believe I will be back!

 I learned a new word since I got here, it's called "sapiosexual", this is a word that apparently describes me. It means a person who is attracted to the intelligence in others. I find myself always yearning for smart individuals, especially in my relationships. I love men that can stimulate my cognition. I love a friendship where I can talk about pressing matters, we can debate on issues, and even study for exams together. This is definitely a term people should look at and try to identify with.

 The other day I went to Wuse Market to drop some fabrics off with my tailor (I'm sewing matching outfits for my friend and I). I misplaced my M.A.C Rebel lipstick, so I saw a guy hocking cosmetics in the market and decided to flag him down to see if he had anything I could make use of. He handed me a lipstick and swore that it was original. After laughing my ass off, I decided to do it for the blog and purchase it just so I could tell y'all about it. Ladies and Gentle men, I present to M.A.CC!

 After a day of M.A.CC shopping, I took some selfies. 

The next day. 

Hehe The next day on Sunday I went to church with the family. Then I had dinner with a friend at one of my favorite spots Blue Cabana. I tried their blue cabana martini , and my usual favorite chapman! 

Monday Morning my brother and I had breakfast at Transcorp Hilton with a friend. We went to the Bukka restaurant, and it was the best breakfast I have ever had. It was a buffet, so you could go for one, two , three, four rounds lol, It was my very first buffet in Nigeria, so initially I wanted to try every thing, but as a correct babe I respected myself and only went for two rounds. They had different kinds of sausage (chicken, pork, beef) they had bacon, baked potatoes, scrambled eggs, baked beans, muffins, croissants, cereal, waffles ; They even had Nigerian dishes like, fried yam, boiled yam, rice, efo, accara, etc. I know you are probably hungry now just reading this. You better get yourself down to the Hilton in Abuja and get yourself some breakfast! The Bukka restaurant serves breakfast lunch and dinner, and it's hours of operation are everyday 6:30am - 10:30 pm. See y'all there!! You know i'm moving in! 

 Hope you enjoyed my weekend with me. Tell me all about yours too! Any of my readers in Abj?? Hit me up in the comments section, we might be able to have a meet a greet. Also please stay tuned for my big post on my graduation!


  1. Wow you had a good time oh. Next time you're in Naij tell someone!

    1. Noted! I will be sure to contact the local news stations to announce my arrival next time. :p


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