Wednesday, October 1, 2014

weekend Recap. Another Wedding!

Good morning LG readers! It's Monday morning and the beginning of a beautiful new week. I had a fun weekend. I was invited to the wedding of a lovely couple in San aAntonio Though I had a whole lot of assignments and tests to study for, I took the bold decision to head of town and celebrate love. The wedding was beautiful. It was very intimate with only close friends and family. We could see the love between the couple. Everyone knows that I always cry at weddings, my tissue was soaked during the father daughter and mother sun dance. It was so beautiful and so touching to see mommy and daddy hold onto their babies for the last time before they leave the nest to start a new family. I was so touched (but then again i'm touched over anything).
After the whole tear fest, I got to hustle some cake! I loooove cake! It's the fastest way to my heart. I promise in order to win me all you have to do is send me a rich strawberry cake that say's "please be mine" and I am yours and yours alone baby!!

In addition to going for the wedding and eating up all their cake,  I realized that someone is getting a little chubby. My greatest struggle in life has always been between my love of food and not wanting to be fat. It's life's hardest struggle and I'm really fighting it. I ate till my pants couldn't zip anymore and decided that enough is enough! From today on I am going 100% healthy! Not just for my appearance but for my health. It is very important to nourish the body with nutritious things in order to give your body all it needs so it can serve you to the fullest! So lets do this together LG readers. Eat healthy, exercise and be happy! 

Outfit of the day Pictures!

My date to the wedding.

The reason for the celebration!
 Caesar and Melanie. 

Stay Blessed!


  1. What a lovely couple. Wish them HML. I love your tulle skirt. You look lovely. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. You're very pretty! Love your outfit! And thanks for the love on my blog :)


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