Thursday, October 2, 2014

How to Add More Yards To Your Wife Material...

There are a lot of ladies out there longing to be labeled "wife material". Some might even go buy a book of step by step things to do if they could. So in good spirit, I have once again taken the liberty to rub some of my knowledge of the subject onto you! Now the question is "How do I become a wife material"? It's simple.. (continue)
You Can't! Being wife material is something you are born with if I must say, it's the upbringing and training you are given from birth that transforms you into what people would call "good Wife Material". But for those that did not quite understand that training, I would be more than happy to give you a speed up course on how to be good a wife material :).
Now, not to blow my own horn and say that I am one of the fortunate ones ( cough! I am lol),  but I like to believe that we can all help each other out, so here's my contribution to the crew.
   A lot of times us ladies believe that being a good wife equates to being a great cook. Which explains why a vast majority of us cook meals take photos of them and upload them on social networks with hash tags "#wifeymaterial'. I'm here today to tell you that this perception is completely false. You could be the best cook in the world and still no one would care because you're nearly impossible to live with. Cooking is simply a bonus, and also a skill that can EASILY be acquired at any time. What you need to concentrate on is your inner self, and one of the most important inner qualities is tolerance. Now I'm no man, but I am a person and I know what people want and we do not like anyone that can not tolerate. We all have that friend that finds the need to set it off at every given moment, now imagine what life would be like living and waking up to that person everyday (tragic huh). No one would want to wife you if you have no tolerance.
   A second and very important quality to posses is the ability to take care AKA nurture. A natural quality of a woman is nurturing, caring, loving etc. Now we are not robots and can't always be in that mood but it's best to start to train yourself to have those qualities and for them to be strong. Think about that friend you have that is always willing to take care; tucks you into bed when you sleep over and invites you over to eat whenever they cook. Don't you love her?! That's exactly the kind of lady one could label wifey material.
   And lastly but certainly not least, you need to be supportive, not just emotionally but also in prayer. Supporting the man you are with will get you very far in life. Men don't like to admit it but they are like babies and most of them can't do things on their own. They need that strong woman to be their backbone and strength in order to carry on. So be that for him, let him know you are rooting for him, BE HIS CHEERLEADER, HIS PRAYER WARRIOR!! WOO!! Excited much.
If you follow this easy advice I have given you in no time you will be walking down the aisle blushing away.
I will be back soon win the men's version on how to add more yards to your hubby material.
For the meantime, I will be checking my mailbox for wedding invitations!

Hehehe, hope you liked my advice. Let me know what you think and how this works for you Also please add if I missed a point... Don't forget to hit me up for more of my oh so wonderful advice :D !

:Photo creds from Arina Nikitina's Blog


  1. Nice one dear. And where is the hubby version?

    1. It is coming to a blog near you very very soon!

  2. hehehehheheh now this was a mega fun read! Its pretty cool how you write Lady Gee of laiffe.. and how it is so convenient to connect with you like a USB Stick to a port! you go gurl!!! (P.S: Do you know ms TLG?! She blogs.. Well both of you are literally twins in my head :))

    Mehnn All this wife (geh friend) Material thing is overly hyped biko.. All we guys need from our woman is plenty love.. plenty trust and plenty Good food.. and oh! the most impoRRant! plenty mad wild crazy Sex :) and we are good.. Trust me Bubba.. All these are learn-able and achievable.. No be Rocket Science.. Especially the sex.. So.. :) #Blessings!


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