Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Monday+ Dean's List+ School Motivation!


      It's Monday morning and I have to say I am exhausted! One would expect that after a long weekend I would be fully rested and ready to take on the world, but that's not the case. Not only did my weekend seem so short but It was busier than ever. I have 3 exams this week, three of which are very important. This semester I have to say has been the toughest semester of my life. With me graduating soon, the fire is getting hotter and hotter as I approach that finish line. The past few months have made me see life so much more differently than I did before.
I can now CLEARLY see why a lot of people drop out of college right before they graduate. It takes a STRONG WILLED individual to graduate from college, and not just graduate, but to graduate in time with a good academic standing. My hat goes off to all of you! I had weaped my eyes out and almost lost hope this semester, until I opened my mail box last week and saw my letter of recognition for being on the Dean's list of academic honors. At that moment I made the decision to finish strong. So here I am now, dusting myself off and determined to turn this semester into a successful one. For those of you that have been going through the same struggle as me, here is what I tell myself every time I feel overwhelmed. "I am here for a reason, I am in school to study and become someone. If I want to party and sleep I wouldn't be in school. So sit up , throw away the lazy procrastinator attitude and do what Mommy and Daddy sent you here to do!" That right there is enough to get me pumped and in my game again. Always remeber the iconic bible verse Philippians 4:13 "I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST THAT STRENGTHENS ME" AMEN!
        I do hope you all had amazing weekends. Yesterday was palm Sunday, hope all my christian readers went to Church (raised eyebrow). In honor of that I made a cross with my palm leaves. The first ever successful cross I have made! ( it took me the whole service to do so). 
                                  My lovely cross!

      Time for me to get back to studying. I have a very hard test from a very evil professor today. I wish you all a safe and blessed week. kiss*

R.I.P. to those that lost their lives today at Nyanya bus station. We still continue to pray for a better Nigeria. 

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