Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Re-cap + Restaurant Review

   Good morning good morning!! (singing)

Happy Sunday to the beautiful spirits of you all. I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to get up griiind!! If your answer is yes, than you you are strictly on your own because i'm ready to duulll (haha)!!. Its Monday morning so y prayer for all of you is to have a lovely sound week, full of blessings and a good turnout. AMEN!!

  This weekend was an amazing one. I was able to get a lot of much needed rest to being with and also enjoy the day with lovely people. On Monday I went to the hair salon to get my hair pressed. Ever since I got my relaxed hair off and became natural I still have not mastered the art of styling natural hair. So in order not to bother myself I just get it pressed when I insist on wearing it. I must say that it was a huge struggle!! I took my tiny braids out the day before and dyed my hair, so my scalp was TENDER!! It hurt like heck!! Not to mention my hair stylist kept pulling and tugging and combing it. I wanted to screaaam!! I was having the silliest facial expressions lol. Even as she was giving me a scalp massage, which is supposed to feel good, It HURT!! I could almost scream "STOP". But no no no I did not cry, I took the whole process like a G, because I knew she would make me look beautiful in the end. As she was hot combing my hair she kind of burned mt in the back, but I guess those are one of the perks of having beautiful Nigerian hair. You have to get burned to achieve desired straightness.

Heating up under the drier. I was in there for an hour, I almost died

   Sunday was an even better day for me. Not only did I not have to get my hair tugged and pulled at but It was my good friend's birthday. I went to church in the morning and once I got back home had to rush downtown in order to make it in time for her. I was really burning rubber on that highway. I'm so thankful I didn't get pulled over by the popo, that would have been a tragedy. We met at a cafe downtown called "Sweet Paris". It's an amazing cute little place in Rice village where you can hang out with friends and eat crepes!
They have a wide selection of crepes, from breakfast crepes in the morning, to sweet crepes with chocolate and marshmallows, and ice cream, to hot and savory crepes like my favorite the chicken enchilada. When I got there the place was really full,I guess its because it was a Sunday. I was so shocked because normally sweet Paris is quiet. But any who, the crepes are delicious so I obliged. I had such a good time and met some beautiful people, and I know Deborah ( the birthday girl) had an amazing time too. After we were done at Sweet Paris, we had a surprise for her. We went back to her house for some more fun and MOORE food. Not to mention she had no idea we were coming. The fun had not stopped. I ate till my belle bust!! CHEI!! I couldn't help it, the food was sooo delicious! Her mom did the cooking and boy did she outdo herself. Everything was there. Catfish, jumbo shrimp, jollof rice,fried rice, salads (different types), rolls, chicken, plantain, different kinds of drinks, homemade fruit juice, the list goes on. Let me take a moment to say a prayer. (Dear lord, when I become a mother please bless me with the hand to be able to cook a feast for my children all the time and still look fabulous. AMEN). ok that's it, Anyways my weekend was a beautiful and fat one. And we thank the lord for adding another year to our sister's life. Hip hip Hurray!

The birthday girl Deborah

The manager caught me sneaking a picture of him.

The La California crepe. If you like hams, bacon and guacamole, this crepe will quench your craving

 Your favorite blogger Lady G and Deborah!

Lady G and Jennifer


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