Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekend Recap. + Outfit of The day.


  Good morning blog family and happy First Monday of the month! Woohoo it is finally December and I can not be more excited then now.  The Christmas lights are coming out the malls are having sales and the people are putting on smiles. It is all by God's grace that I am able to witness this time f the year yet again. May we all get to witness this time of the year times, and times, and times again!

Thursday:  So this weekend was a lovely one, and spent with the loveliest of people. First of all I went home to spend the thanksgiving with my family. Because my younger brother and my dad are inn Nigeria, thanksgiving was spent with my mom and older brother. Like I said in the older post we did a lot of cooking and had guests over for dinner.

Friday: After our thanksgiving feast came back Friday, A.K.A the "Holy-grail of Shopping Days". This is a day on the Friday after Thanksgiving where stores give ridiculously low prices on their items. I know what you're thinking, why is it called "black Friday". Well that is because a lot of crazy things happen on this day, lts of stealing, fighting and even killing in some situations. As for me I am not going to go out fighting people for stuff, I just go to the less crazy stores like Macy's, and some shoe stores.

Saturday:  My friends and I went for a bridal shower. I was so excited because it was my very first time going for a bridal shower and I wanted to see how they are. It was really interesting, we played games and heard a lot of advice from older women that have been married. Ate some goood jollof rice and yummy cake, and at the end of it all we had a photo shoot session, Lady g pretty much turned into the event photographer. But you know that's what I like to do! So because I love you guys I will share the pictures
with you :)

                                         Deborah and Lady G^


                                                                    Jennifer and Anita

                                                                         The beautiful bride!!

                                                               Lol I had to give dem! outfit of the day
Dress: Material Girl from Macy's - $44
Shoes: Collectibles Abuja Nigeria

Sunday: Sunday marked the end of the holiday :(. I went to church with my mom and older brother and then dropped him at the airport to had back to school.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, and my beautiful friends!! :D. I wish you all a great week, and stay tuned for more post. tell me what you think about my cute friends and don't forget to wish the bride a happy married life!

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