Saturday, November 16, 2013

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Be In A Long Distance Relationship.

 So I went out to lunch the other day with a friend of mine that I am very sure has always been interested in me, and the conversation got pretty interesting. We first started catching up on old things, he told me how great his business was going and how he is able to travel anywhere he likes with out stress now.
He then proceeded to ask me how my love life was and If I am seeing anyone. When I told him that indeed I was seeing someone and the person I am seeing is half way across the world, he began to laugh and say that I must be crazy to think it would ever work. I was a bit shocked by his expression to begin with. Initially I just felt  he was jealous because I was taken,  but then I decided to ask him why exactly he feels that way. He began to break it down to me, and to my surprise he was actually speaking from his own experience.

Reason No 1. Your Relationship Is built On a False Impression:
For most people in long distance relationships we all know that 90 percent of the relationship is spent on the phone and on skype. Because of this you have began to get used to that scenario, and when you are now faced with physically being present with your lover it somehow doesn't feel the same. I had a friend that had been dating her man for years and most of it was long distance. She was very much in love but noticed something wrong. When she was in his presence she didn't feel any sort of connection or spark, but later that same day when they were on the phone she was in love all over again.

Reason No 2. He Always Has His Best Foot Forward:
Due to the fact that you are in a long distance relationship you can not just run up on him when you want and catch him off guard. Every visit is planned for and if your man has any "side pieces" he would know to get rid of them for the week or month you will be around. He will also have his best foot forward whenever you are together. This is a bad thing because a relationship is not suppose to be perfect, you're suppose to know your partner in their best state and also in their worst, especially if it is leading to marriage.

Reason No 3: It's Just A Fling:
This was actually the reason that got me thinking the most and actually somehow can be tied to reason number 2. For those of us that are in a real real long distance relationship, In a whole year you and your lover only see a few days, and in those few days it is so perfect. You are always happy, no fighting and he always has activities planned for you to do, and not to mention the sex is out of this world. Everything is so perfect because you two know that once these few days are up, you won't be seeing each other again in a very long time. This is the exact definition of a fling. When you sit down to think about it, you don't really know him and he probably doesn't really know you.

Hopefully these reason help you figure out where you are in your long distance relationship  and for those

that are considering being in one, I hope it helps you figure out if it is really worth it... And always remember, 

True Love Conquers All. 

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  1. I love to keep long distant relationship, but I think its not that fantastic . nice one u gat there


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