Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Signs That it's Time To Break Up With Him


    Unlike men ladies have a habit of staying in troubled relationships. There are various reasons why we do this, some reasons like society tells us to be loyal to our men, or we believe that if we just hang on a little longer things will turn around for the better. Unfortunately for us they usually don't and we either find ourselves wasting our time in a relationship that eventually doesn't work out or being with a person that makes us absolutely miserable. In this article I am going to help you point out a few things that serve as sign to probably consider whether you are with the right person or not... continue

1. There Is No Trust In Your Relationship
Now this lack of trust can come from either sides, it could come from you or it could come from him. Trust is the fundamental unit of a relationship. There is no such thing as a successful happy relationship without trust. It just does not exist! If your man is always looking for reasons to prosecute you, then you need to sit down and ask yourself if you are willing to deal with this mess. And this goes for ladies too, if you find that you are unable to trust the guy you are with for whatever reason, then it's time for you to be with someone that you can. I know that somethings happen in relationships that warrant to losing trust, but it is up to the two of you to fix it. If it has been a long time and that trust still has not been rebuilt, then i'm sorry hun but thatt trust just might not be coming back. Trust me, you will be a lot happier in a trusting relationship.

2. You Are In love With What You Want Him To Be and Not What He IS
This is something that A WHOLE LOT of people experience and they might not know. You look at your friends and see them with nice charming guys, or you hear gist from your girlfriend about how her sister's boyfriend just bought her a new celine bag to show how much he appreciates her, and here you are not even a phone call from him saying he loves you. You find yourself always expressing to him how much you wish he were this, or how much you wish her were that, and for the one minute after the conversation he acts how you want him to and you absolutely love him to death, but the next day he's him again and you are upset and frustrated all over again. It's time for you to gauge yourself and your guy. If you can't love him for being the soft spoken not very emotional man he is, then you need to be with someone that can be that man.

3. You Want Him To Prioritize You More
It is the most frustrating thing in the world when all you want is for your man to make you the center of his world and he doesn't. You find yourself always crying at night wishing he would love you more or call you more. You have tried everything from talking and crying just for him to just make you a priority but to no avail. It's time for you to either deal with it or realize that you just might never be his top priority and move on baby. You're obviously frustrated in the relationship, and he is not giving you the attention that you require. Just make sure you are not being unnecessary and wanting him to prioritize you before every single thing in this world. Be reasonable.

4. He Does Not Seem To Understand Or Want To Understand You
Sometimes we find ourselves having to explain who we are to another person. Wouldn't it just suck to have to do that with the the one that is supposed to be your significant other? If a lot of the things you do or say get misunderstood then you have a problem. One of the most frustrating feelings in life is being misunderstood ( I would know, i made a whole post about it). Stop feeling frustrated because he does not seem to understand you, and he is not making the effort to. Your man is out there just sitting down and waiting to understand everything abut you.

5. You Find Yourself Crying A Lot
If you have realized that you are mostly upset and crying over the way things are in your relationship, and it makes you even more sad to know that you have fought and tried everything to make things better, then it is probably a sign to let go. Love does not hurt, it is not supposed to make you cry. Every woman deserves to be in a loving relationship with someone that will make her laugh, not cry. Love yourself and save your precious tears for moments of joy.

6. The Bad Outweighs The Good
There is a famous therapeutic exercise that counselors usually give their clients that are wising to end a relationship or marriage. It consists of two pages, one page is for the good and the other is for the bad. The couples are asked to sit down in a quiet place where no one can bother them and write down all the good qualities and good times they can remember of their spouse, and the the bad qualities and bad times. They are asked to reflect on both these lists, and decide whether the good outweighs the bad or the bad outweighs the good. This will help them in making a smart decision to leave. Do that and then let me know!

 I hope you all take these pointers and ponder on them. There is nothing better than a happy relationship.If you have gone through this list I would love to know how you can relate to it and also what can be added. Please share with me!

                                                                                                         -Lady G


  1. Don't forget if he's not rich, Don't worry I said it on yalls behalf!

  2. Lol say it on "their" behalf! Not mine biko.


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