Friday, September 27, 2013

Vol 2. Eyes On Africa: New Nigerian Trend Alert!

  The season is changing and so are the trends! So I am back again with volume 2 of "Eyes On Africa". This is a list of the top 5 new Nigerian trends. You can read Volume 1 HERE!!

1. Velvet Wrapper.

"Akpoche"- Velvet wrapper. This new trend is becoming an epidemic. More and more ladies have left the traditional wrapper behind and turned to this edgy more sleek look. Celebrities like Tiwa Savage, Toolz and Genevieve have all been seen rocking this new look to the core. I think it;s time for me to replace my wrappers and get me some velvet!

2. Dashiki

A dashiki is a traditional shirt rich in colors and shapes worn by some groups of West Africans. Each country and tribe has their own unique name and style of the dashiki. Now days it has become a trend. This beautiful shirt is now in different forms like gowns and has been spotted on different people, even celebrities such as Chris Brown and Omawunmi have stepped out in this comfy yet fashionable piece. Instagram Dashiki pictures always look fab, I hope to see more and more people wear them outside.

3. Knot Wrappers

Nigeria being the fashion capital of Africa, we are always looking for new ways and styles to make our already gorgeous and appealing traditional attire even more appealing. Well if you haven't heard by now, there is a new way to tie a wrapper, it called the knot wrapper.

4. Ankara Bow Tie
We can't exclude our men from the fashion trends. Nigerian men are trend setters, and they are now participating in a new funky trend. Ankara bow tie's, and pocket tissue. Nothing screams i'm proud to be African like wearing Ankara, but when you're are able to incorporate that in with western design, it just screams fashionable and daring!

5. Kaftan Dress

I know I mentioned this trend for men in my last post HERE!! ), but I forgot to add that women have joined in on it too (including me)! The Kaftan dress is very comfortable and versatile. You can wear it to stay at home and also to go out, you can even wear it to church (in a longer form). It looks just as appealing on ladies as it does on our men.

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  1. Hey. This is Onyi. Long time no see :). I've started reading your blog sporadically over the summer, but fell off when school started. I really enjoy it. I'm curious, what made you want to start blogging?

    1. Hi Onyi! Its very nice to have you back :). Hmm what made me start blogging... Well it all just started one day I guess, I was new to my school, had no friends and a lot of time on my hands. So I sort of just blogged to keep myself busy. From their it became a hobby!

  2. Knot wrapper is so hot. i like the way to adapt. Color of Dashiki is really nice too. Love this.


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