Friday, August 2, 2013

Eyes On Africa: Latest Nigerian Fashions

 What better way to start off culture&fashion than to bring you a list of the latest and fast rising Nigerian fashions and trends.

1. Ankara
Ankara is fast becoming a fashion favorite not just in Africa but the international fashion industry. It has been seen on people like Beyonce Knowles, Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose. In west Africa especially Nigeria and Ghana, the Ankara industry is booming. It has become a huge fashion movement with numerous and various new innovative styles being created everyday. Ankara is not just used for
clothes but is now being used for bags, jewelry and even shoes. There is no girl that calls herself a Nigerian without a beautiful Ankara piece in her closet. :)

2. Pearls
Nigeria has always been known for our traditional statement the "coral beads" they are very common in the south and eastern part of the country, but now it seems like that tradition is taking a turn into a more modern look. Pearls have been a fashion statement in Nigeria for a couple of years now. These days more and more brides and young girls are spotted with beautiful pieces. Though the pearls being used are still tied into our culture the best they can, it is nice to see the recent evolution of Nigerian culture taking place before us.

3. Brazilian Hair
I bet yall didn't see that coming. As silly as it sounds yes this is very true. Brazilian hair is indeed a new trend in Nigeria. For as long as I remember Nigerians have never cared about things like virgin Brazilian, Peruvian and all the other textures of hair. We have always been about braids, twists and other non European influenced hair styles, but lately Nigerian women have grown to love virgin hair. Most Nigerian girls (especially those that are well traveled or live abroad) like to wear high grade hair. It's almost become our new signature look. Back home I see ladies with brazilian hair all the way down to their ankles now! All in all brazilian hair is very beautiful I must say!

4. Native Wear
Of course you know I have to include my men in this too. Like people very close to me know, there is just something about an African man in native attire that gets me hot! I'm not really sure what the name of this exact style is, some people call it a senator others call it gbamu gbamu. More and more Nigerian men are embracing this style of native attire. It is something that can be worn to every occasion like church, work, a wedding, a friend's house, etc. And I must also add it looks very dapper.

5. Sequine Gele
The gele has always been a huge fashion statement in Nigeria, it is worn mostly by people from the western part of the country, but has recently become a regular trend for all the regions. A gele is a beautiful head piece worn by women during special occasions like weddings, parties and other traditional gatherings. More women now are seen wearing blinged out or crystal embellished geles at occasions these days. I never thought the gele could get more beautiful than it already was but now my mind has definitely been changed. I can not wait to see the next gele trend!

I hope you enjoyed my short list of the latest fashion trends in Nigeria now. Stay tuned because I will definitely be posting more as the trends keep coming. Also If you have not hitched a ride on the trend wagon, I suggest you do. Happy Shopping!

                                                                                                                        -Lady G

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