Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm Such A Snob

Happy Teusday lovely readers. Everyday is a happy day so lets just celebrate it.
Looking at the title of this post most of you probably already know what  its going to be about. Me and my Horrible attitude. Let me first point out to you all that this is in no way an apologetic post, it is simply me trying to explain who I am.

A little heads up: This is kind of a lengthy post, but if you have ever felt offended or felt like I have given you an attitude, or if you simply want to know more about my character, them I urge you to read it. Lets get started shall we.

I have been told countless number of times by victims and their friends that I gave them an attitude, or some person was hurt because I eyed them, or one petty situation or the other. Just a few weeks ago before coming back to school I had to address another case that a friend of mine had brought up. I went to a little get together party with my friends that was hosted by someone I have a casual relationship with. All in all I don't know her on an intimate level but we have a tun of mutual friends so we are extremely friendly to one another and not to mention she is a very nice person. So the get together was going on and it was absolutely great, we played games, ate delicious food and just  had a great time. There was not one single bad bone or feeling in my body. I was simply having a wonderful time with WONDERFUL people. Of course every good time comes to an end, so it was time for me to go. I left along with the people I came with on a good note and we went home. A few days later I went over to my friend's house to see her and downstairs was her sister who I am also friends with. Her sister had some very shocking news for me. According to her two people at the get together we attended claim that I gave them an attitude. (HUUH? Attitude ke? Which one be attitude again abeg?)One of the girls was claiming that I was eyeing her from across the room ( lool you go fear vex) ,and some other very silly allegations that I won't give a bit of relevance to by not bringing it up. Now for the second allegation. Apparently I was having an attitude with the host as well. My friend told me that the host had asked her if I was angry at her because she felt like I was giving her an attitude.
So all this was told to me by my friend, and in great shock I listened very attentively because It is not the first time I had been told. After she had finished asking me the necessary questions of whether it was indeed true that I was rude to them I began to explain myself and give my life story.

My Life Story.
I have come to realize that a lot of times I do not have a friendly face. This has been my problem since only God knows when. I remember back to when I was in 4th grade I would always have problems with a particular teacher that was always giving me conduct marks for rolling my eyes at her. I never understood why she hated me so much and why I kept getting these conduct marks for no reason. To me all I was doing was going to school, sitting in class, listening to the teacher, and going home. But for some strange reason, my conduct folder was always marked up. Whyyy!  I never ever got to go out for recess :(.  Now lets fast forward to JSS1 (7th grade in the U.S). I had been told by a lot of my teachers and class mates that I tend to eye people a lot. It had even gotten to the level of me being known as the girl that eyes everyone she walks by. Seniors would always stop me in the hallway with absurd questions like " did you just eye me?" ( how ridiculous I don't even know you!) It was at that time that I came to realize that I have a serious problem. A snob eye. I can't seem to control it. I could be in the happiest mood ever but no one would believe me. It's not that I have an attitude, that's just how I am. Okay lots of us know someone that always looks like he or she is smiling but in actual reality they're not, that's just how they're face looks. Well lets just say that I am the opposite, my straight face looks like i'm angry but really i'm not. I was at a photo shoot a few weeks ago and at the end some of the guys told me that at first they were a bit scared to talk to me because I looked like a snob but now they see that I'm actually pretty cool. One thing I have always said is that it is only people that do not know me that will say I have an attitude. Those that know me know that I don't. Now lets not get things twisted though, I can have an attitude when I want to, and I can have really nasty ones at that, but those are done consciously. So I would like to ask everyone reading this, if you ever have an encounter with me and it seems like I'm giving you an attitude please stop and ask yourself these questions. 1. Do I know you. 2. Have we ever had a previous negative encounter. 3. Is it Monday morning? If you are able to answer no to at least 2 of those questions then chances are i'm not having an attitude with you.

Sorry for the long post, it's just something I had to get out. So I hope you all understand a bit of who I am, I think I would like to make a post about my good qualities next. Believe it or not i'm not ALL bad.


  1. Wow! I'm lost for words yo! I still go through stuff like this! Wow! Lol! I don't even know where to start! Getting in trouble back in junior school? I mean a parent once reported me to my class teacher that I was "eyeing" him LOL! I literally had to stop looking at people and stuff! Even in class, i'd rather stare at the board than the teacher. My fam be like "thank God, she's happy today". I'm like i wasn't mad yesterday though. Other times, " you can bone ehn" I'm like, bone ke? If i'm smiling and walking alone won't you think i'm mad? Oh well... I'm too used to all that bull now. Just glad there's someone else LOL!

    1. Lmaoo!! Help me ask dem ooh! Should I be smiling and walking everywhere I go? Haha! I'm glad you could relate to it!


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