Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Torn Between Two Men.

A friend of mine told me about a very confusing situation she is going through. Some way somehow she is seeing two men at the same time and doesn't seem to know how it got to that.The first man she started seeing began like a fairy tale,  he was the perfect guy for her, whined and dined her in expensive restaurants, always bought gifts for her and never failed to let her know how much he loves her. It was a dream come true, and like the speed of light she began to fall in love with him. The two of them began to discuss marriage and their future together. After a while of a committed relationship
with Mr. A, another man came along. He was more on the quiet reserved side, seemed a bit shy in the beginning  He told her that he liked her very much, as a matter of fact he loved her. She didn't seem threatened by that because after all he never shows it, he only say's it. So she didn't pay him any mind and continued with her darling Mr. A. That is until Mr. B began to show it. He wasn't half as romantic as Mr.A but would always do the best he knew he could to love her and even proposed marriage to her if only she would agree. My dear friend didn't know what to do. She loves Mr. A like no other but sees a great life with Mr. B. Not to mention that Mr. B seems like someone that her parents would absolutely love and adore. Not to mention Mr. B is a lot more attractive to her and will make beautiful babies. Now she is in a dilemma and can't seem to choose which man is best for her. She has thought about telling her mother but is afraid that her mother will judge her wrongly,  she has also thought about telling the two men but then realizes that is too extreme and could risk loosing both of their love. Now she wants to know what exactly she should do.

My Best Answer to Her:
Draw a detailed table of the pros and cons of both men, weigh both sides. Look at yourself and see which side is better for you. If that still does't help, cut it off and get some time away from both of them to think, the one that comes back on his knees for you is probably your prince charming. And last but the most important, PRAY PRAY PRAY! Pray for God to help you make the best decision and show you your husband, it might not be either one of them, who knows.

What Do You Think She Should Do!?

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