Saturday, May 4, 2013

The 90 Day Rule.. Point or Pointless?

   My Saturday routine is pretty much the same every weekend, wake up in the morning look around and then go back to sleep until 11am to listen to The Verastic Show on Today's topic was one that I'm so happy I didn't miss because it was about a very interesting and popularly spoken about topic called "the 90day rule". Now for those of you that do not know what that is (which I highly doubt there's any) it is when a lady puts a time limit on how long she will date someone before giving up the goods ( sex). I know this rule has probably been around for a while but I believe it became a huge debate after Steve Harvey's movie
"Think Like A Man" came out.
A lot of people called into the show and had tons to say, some women believed that by making a man wait for it guarantees that he will have respect for you and others believed that if you're going to give up the good then what's the point of making anyone wait a stupid 90days, it's not going to make a difference anyways. All in all a lot of people had something to say on both sides. My own take on it first and foremost is that 90days is waaayy too SHORT first of all!! Come on ladies, that's still within the "toasting period" ( a new term I learned today). You want to enjoy that period of him chasing you all about town for as long as it lasts because once it's gone it is GONE and aint never coming back!!..  But why put a time on it, I mean think about it. Saying you're going to wait for a certain amount of days before sleeping with someone doesn't really hold water to me. So you and whoever you are with date for 90days and now it's okay to go ahead and do it? After that what's next, do you even know this person yet? How are you even sure that he's not going to still hit and run right after. I mean waiting for 90days is not hard at all especially if he's been getting it somewhere else. That's just within the topic, and in case any of you are wondering I am not a practicer of any rule, this is just for the purpose of this blog and this blog only lol. Please tell me what you all think about this 90day rule, does it really assure that a man will love you after or is it just a waste of time?


  1. I couldn't agree with u more!!!!! The 90 day rule is pretty much a way for people to trick their ragging hormones to wait for the action. Its like an excuse to have sex when clearly those who waited 90days would probably have given it up after the first day (being honest)! Lol! What makes it any less or more special. The true test is waiting for him to meet you at the altar and say "I do" in front of God, and the whole world. God bless you sis! Love your blogs!!! Keep it up

    1. Thank you! I'm glad someone agrees with my views! Amen Amen and God bless you too!! Thanks for your input.

  2. So first off yeah Nne.. I like the versatility that comes with reading you.. I llloooovvveeee how it feels like we know you.. Cause we your fans can literally connect to you like a USB to a Lappie's port! and NO! This is not a cheesy Toasting line... **winks

    So the 90 Days rule ba! Truth is.. To this 23 years 11 months 23 days old Young and confused boy abi man.. (Sha pick 1 :( I am growing too old already) Its a kinda faulty thought line. Why?! Cause i think so. Now my take is simple,.. If you like someone.. And you want to Bang that someone.. Then go ahead and do it! Plus thinking about it.. We guys are motivated by Challenge.. We want to fight for things.. We want to earn them (Maybe its just me though.. But the enjoyment in stuff earned is a tad more).. I mean it makes us feel like Spartan Warriors that conquered Greece right after.. So i can boldly say that If a guy knows that you are doing the 30 Days thingy.. Thats gonna be a more reason to Wait! Hit! and Fly!!

    My advice.. If you are having "Protected" sex, and you see someone you like... Then go ahead with it.. But sincerely Nne.. If you want a Man that will stay.. That will get married to you.. Then hold on to the sex for as long as your Cravings can let you.. Cause regardless of all the many many things I said above.. 90 Days is but a walk in the park.. Weldone Lady G. This was fun to read. Cheers.


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