Friday, April 12, 2013

Runs Gyalz...

  Maybe I'm behind but has anyone noticed this new trend in Nollywood movies of being a "runs girl" Or a "babe"? Me being a HUGE lover of Nigerian films ( I can watch them from sun up to sun down if you let me)' I've come to notice that nollywood seems to be promoting the idea of dating older men ( old enough to be your father's father) in order to get to the top. Lets move down a little and go back to the movie "blackberry babes". In this oh so interesting and funny film ( for those of you that are fans of nollywood) we see the fake social status these girls create and the struggle to be part of that status by doing just about any and everything to obtain a blackberry phone. Yes I know what you're all thinking "a blackberry phone? Are they serious?" That's the same thing I thought too but let's get back to the point. We see how Oge Okoye lusts after Tonto Dikeh's old uncle and does everything to date him along with some other friends. These girls walk around in high heels revealing dresses and the longest lengths of brazilian hair to the most casual occasions just to prove that their the "biggest babe in town. Not to mention their eyelashes are so thick that every time they blink they look like thier about to fly away. ( haha I stole that!) I don't know about you but walking around looking like a masquearde isn't really the look today's society is going for, but hey what do I know i'm just a kid *shrugs*. Now moving along to another movie called "white chapel". In this film Mercy Johnson and Chika Ike are literally in a competition of who can get the richest sugar daddy and drive the better car... What happened to being an independent woman and making your own money so you can buy yourself a fancy car? Anyways, I still love Nollywood and Won't stop watching it for anything!!! :D

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