Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Oga At The Top Controversy.

   Just this morning before getting out of bed I was on twitter and saw a link to a write up that Charly Boy made concerning the my oga at the top whirlwind . It is very long so I'll post the link so you can all read it yourselves. Now for those of you that don't know about "My Oga At The Top"
I'll give you the summary. The NSCDC Commandant, Mr. Shem went for an interview on channel tv to talk about his organization. During the interview he was asked for the official website to NSCDC for the people that are interested in knowing more about it. He failed to give the name of the website constantly saying that he does not want to confuse us by giving us one and then his Oga at the top giving us another, therefore it will be announced by his Oga at the top.  Now reading Charly boy's write up he takes shots at the Nigerian public and media for disappointing the nation, saying that we should not have made fun of Mr. Shem and made him a trending topic on twitter. That basically we took things too far.

       "If you don't know, the message is simple; there is a systematic failure. We have all
         failed our country... We have failed to understand that the system has no structure as it
         stands now. If that is not the case, why were we not intelligent enough to see beyond
         Mr. Shem's failure and begin to reflect our leadership failure..." Charly Boy

The first thing I would like to say in reference to the quote from that write up is that I think Mr. Charly Boy has failed to see the actual point behind this. Let us go back to the infamous and oh so disgraceful interview of Governor Alhaji Sabo Barkin Zuwo of Kano state who was asked in an interview to name the natural  minerals in Kano state, and his answer was " coca-cola, fanta and other drinks".  Now let us digress to the very recent CNN interview of our oh so dear president Mr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan had by Christine Amanpour. Ms. Christine mentioned the security failure in Nigeria to protect the people from Boko Haram and also the issue of power in the country. The president immediately denied all allegations, saying that U.S always listens to people's gossip and never gets the truth... Seeing all the disappointments that our leaders have put us through I am sorry to say Mr. Charly Boy but we have not failed our country, our country had failed us. Nigeria has a recent history of incompetent and illiterate people as leaders, this is an issue that has been and is responsible for the huge set back  in our economy and well being of our citizens. Mr. Shem is no different now. He came on TV to talk about NSCDC ( which has to do with National security) and could not even provide simple information like the official website? Not to mention he is not even computer literate. Yet he wants us to believe that everything he said is the honest truth? How can we trust him to do his job and provide our nation with security if he can not even research the problems steaming. In today's world of technology? The reason for the social media outbreak was not for the sole reason of it being funny but for the reason of it being a disappointment beyond the highest order. Mr. Shem did not even need the social media to blast him, for he did it on his own by going on TV. The leaders of Nigeria really need to do better because the future of our country is in big trouble.

The link too Charly Boy's write up.

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