Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ways To Keep Your Mind Positive in the Mist of Everything.

With the way the world is moving it seems like everything is falling apart. From the crysis in Syria, to the bomb explosions in Turkey, the multiple terror attacks in France all the way to the horrible flooding that happened in Louisiana. One could say that the world has gone mad. Despite all these tragedies we as humans also have our own personal struggles that we are facing. Some of us are facing health issues, some of us financial issues, some of us even marital issues. How does a person keep their head up in the mist of all these tragedies. But the world has to go on and so do we. So I have taken it upon myself to compile a list of a few things I believe can help a person up lift their spirits in the mist of worries and tragedies.

1. Meditate: Studies show that people who meditates are both happier and more self fulfilled. Meditation is a great way to reflect on yourself and focus on things that can help you better yourself
and accomplish your goals. Meditation can be done in the form of prayer reading a devotional, reading something that uplifts you like your daily horoscope, or simply just keeping a daily journal. 

2. Change Your Lifestyle: A lifestyle change can be a perfect way of going from old to new. Sometimes what we've been doing hasn't been working for us, so that could mean that it's time to change it up. A lifestyle change is like a completely new project, and we all know that working on projects takes a lot of our time and concentration. This could be a perfect way of getting your mind off of what's bothering you and putting it into something that could actually become quite a wonderful result. Examples, you could decide to go on a new adventure such as changing your diet. Or instead of going partying every day you can decide to do something new like volunteering with a community every night. It's all up to you. 

3. Don't be alone: Being alone makes you think I'm thinking is bad for your mind sometimes. Try to spend less time by yourself and be around people that make you happy. If you have family try to be around family, if you have friends try to be around friends. Go to functions with people, go hang out get some fresh air and get some human interaction. 

4. Write a List of What Your Are Grateful For: Even though everything might seem like it sucks there are a lot of things in your life that are good. Everyone has something to be grateful for, be it for good health,  the life of your family, or for a best friend who is always there for you. When you spend time to write down a list of things you are grateful for you end up realizing that life really isn't that bad.

5. Get a Hobby: This morning I woke up not feeling too up. So I decided to head down to my blog and compose this article. I'm grateful because I have a hobby which is blogging and a lot of times blogging has helped me get out of very difficult situations. When I write an article and people show appreciation it really makes me feel good, not just because people appreciate what I'm doing but because I'm actually helping to impact other people who read my articles. Having a good hobby is something that can never ever be detrimental to you. It's a perfect way to spend time and even when you are alone you never really feel alone because you get to do what you love during that time. I would say this will be my top point, get a hobby be it swimming, be it working out, be blogging like what I do. Just make sure it's something that's harmless and doesn't have a regret factor after it.  For example someone's hobby might be shopping, but you have to remember shopping does damage to your wallet and when your wallet is sad that would probably make you a bit sadder.

Hope I was able to help one person feeling down to get some ideas on how to lift your spirit. Remember as long as there's life there's hope, and no matter what you are going through someone out there is going through it with you or even going through it worse. So never ever feel down, never ever feel alone, remember the people around you that love you. 


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